The 1902 trade directory entry for Crook: transcript

Private Residents

Adamson Rev. Adam P. (English Presb.), The Manse, Victoria Street
Brackenbury John, East View
Brown Edward, Grey Street
Coney Rev. William Henry M.A. (curate), Thistle Flat House
Dixon Ralph, West Road House
Dixon Robert, South View
Elcoat Stephen, Foundry Field
Elliott Rev. Thomas (Primitive Methodist), 27 Grey Street
Gill James, North Terrace
Graham-Barton Rev. Alexander (Baptist), Green View
Grey William, Gladstone Street
Hall Joseph, High Hope Street
Hardy Thomas, West View
Hare John, Gladstone House
King Rev. John M.A. (rector), Rectory
Lax Arthur, Dawson Street
Lister William, Meadow House
Mackay Alex, M.D., J.P., Palmfield House
May Jonathan
Morson Farrer, Glenholm
Nield Rev. Joseph (Wesleyan Methodist), Wesley House
Ord John, North Terrace
Pallister William, The Laurels
Pedelty John James, Laburnum House
Pippet Rev. Augustine (Catholic), Church Hill
Powell William Laws, Brougham Cottage
Reisback Matthew, Mill House
Stinton Rev. John (Moravian), Commercial Street
Turnbull Mrs. Elizh., Foundry Field
Turnbull Michael, Foundry Field
Walton Thomas, Commercial Street
White William, The Willows
Whitfield Henry, Prospect House
Wild, Mrs., Hawthorne House
Wilson, Isaac, Myrtle House

Early closing day, Wednesday
Addison Eleanor (Mrs.), butcher, 6 Hope Street
Addison Mary A. (Mrs.) shopkeeper, Addison Street
Addison Matthew, fishmonger, Addison Street
Alderson Mary E. (Miss), dress maker, Arthur Street
Anderson Joseph, currier, leather merchant & dyer, Commercial Street
Askwith Anthony, shopkeeper, 90 High Hope Street
Backhouse J & Co. bankers, see Barclay & Co. Limited
Barclay & Co. Limited, bankers (branch), open on mon. tues. & fri. from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.
(H.P. Douglas, agent), Hope Street; draw on head office, 54 Lombard Street, London, E.C.
Barnet John G., butcher, Church Street
Bell John, relieving officer for Crook District, Auckland Union, Gladstone Street
Bennett & Son, general drapers, Church Street
Best William, printer, 19 Hope Street
Bibby Alfred, harness maker, Commercial Street
Bird Richard, insurance agent, Grey Street
Blemen Johnson, shopkeeper, Commercial Street
Boddy Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Commercial Street
Bolckow, Vaughan & Co. Limited, colliery proprietors & fire brick manufacturers (Matthew
Reisback, under manager; William White, cashier), Woodfield Colliery
Bowman Anthony, pork butcher, Hope Street
Brougham Edward, provision dealer, 42 Hope Street
Brown Harry, bill poster, Poplar House
Brown Thomas, Insurance agent, Milburn Street
Brown Thomas Anthony, auctioneer & cabinet maker, Market Place & Poplar House
Buston William, joiner & cabinet maker, 8 Hope Street
Calvert Robert, sewing machine agent, Hope Street
Carr George, confectioner, Hope Street
Carr Matthew, cabinet maker, Emmerson Street
Carr Thomas Briscoe, painter & glazier, 24 Hope Street
Chalton J. E. manager of the National Provincial Bank of England Limited, Market Place
Chambers Hannah (Miss), dress maker, 8 High Hope Street
Charlton Margaret (Mrs.) beer retailer, Church Street
Clement Robert, greengrocer, 70 Hope Street
Clemitson, Joseph Wm., chemist & druggist, 7 Market Place
Close Edward, carter, Whitfield Street
Cold Knot Brick Works (Pickford, Holland & Co., proprs)
Constitutional Club (W. Grey, sec)
Convent of Sisters of St. Paul, Church Hill
Conway Robert, draper, Hope Street
Cooke Robert, parish clerk, Gladstone Street
Co-operative Society Limited (William Burnip, sec. & manager), Market Place
Coulson William, insurance agent, Bridge Street
Crawford Thomas, Queen’s Head P.H. Commercial Street
Crook Brick & Tile Co., brick & tile makers
Crook & District Permanent Building Society (Barclay & Co. (bankers), treasurers; William
Addison, sec); offices, Mechanics’ Institute
Crook Equitable Building Society (Thomas Serginson, sec), Commercial Street
Crook Gas Co. Limited (William White, sec; James T. Byron, manager); works, Arthur Street
Cunningham Ann (Mrs.), china, glass & earthenware dealer, Moravian Street
Dalglish Robert Henry, saddler, Hope Street
Danson John, insurance agent, Commercial Street
Davidson Wallace, lessee and manager, Theatre Royal
Davison Thomas, hair dresser, Church Street
Davison Thomas, tobacconist, 64 Hope Street
Dawson Matthew, tinman, Hope Street
Devey Joseph James, solicitor, Hope Street
Dickinson Joseph, fishmonger, Commercial Street
Ditchburn Peter, chemist, Market Place
Dixon Ralph, clerk to school board
Dobson Robert, farmer
Doggart A.R. & Co., drapers, clothiers etc., Hope Street
Douglas Henry Percy, solicitor, clerk to Urban District Council & agent for Barclay & Co.’s Bank,
Hope Street
Downs John, grocer, Gladstone Street
Dowson Mary J. (Mrs.), shopkeeper, High Hope Street
Dryburgh William, Crown Hotel, 13 Commercial Street
Earnshaw Jannette (Miss), dress maker, 7 Hardy Terrace
Eggleston Jane (Mrs.), beer retailer, Mill Street
Emerson Ralph, photographer, Addison Street
English Thomas, boot maker, Hope Street
Eyles James, shopkeeper, Wilson Street
Fairclough James, photographer, Market Place
Fairweather William, beer retailer, West Road
Fell Robert Stephenson, general draper, Market Place
Forrest Annie (Mrs.), monumental sculptor, Wilson Street
Freemasons’ Hall (Robert R. Ferguson, worshipful master; James H. Pollard, treasurer; John H.
Ramsey, sec; Robert Bowes, tyler), Church Street
Fryer Robert, greengrocer, Church Street
Gale John, Royal Oak P.H., Commercial Street
Gargate Albert, police sergeant, Police station
Gent Dav. stocking knitter, 1 Wilson Street
Gibb Jean (Mrs.), watch & clock maker, Victoria Street
Gibbon Charles, Balaclava Inn, Church Hill
Gill Benjamin, fruiterer, Market Place
Gill James, auctioneer, 1 Market Place
Gill Joseph, pianoforte tuner, 55 Gladstone Street
Gill William, cab & omnibus proprietor, Grey Street; horses, cabs, traps & brakes let on hire)
Golightly William, blacksmith, Queen Street
Gordon Robert, tailor & draper, 47 Hope Street
Gowland John, general draper, 10 Church Street
Gowland Matthew, hair dresser, Whitfield Street
Green Elizabeth (Miss), milliner, Moravian Street
Grundy Job, confectioner, 55 Commrcial Street
Grundy Robert, greengrocer, 51 Hope Street
Hall Anthony, farmer, Watergate
Hall George, shopkeeper, High Hope Street
Hall William, confectioner, Hope Street
Hardy Thomas, manager to J. Pease & Partners Limited, brick works, West View
Harker Mathias, ironmonger, North Terrace
Hart Fred & Albert, fruiterers, 72 Hope Street
Hedley Thomas Thornton, butcher, Commercial Street
Hemsley Margaret (Miss), milliner, 58 Hope Street
Henderson Lancelot, confectioner, Hope Street
Hepworth & Son Limited, clothiers, Hope Street
Heslop Wm. Robinson, refreshment room, 73 Hope Street
Hilton Richard, greengrocer, 49 Commercial Street
Hinchley John, plumber & gasfitter, Church Street
Hodgson Bryan, butcher, 13 Hope Street
Hodgson John Robert, butcher, 12 Hope Street
Holmes William, confectioner, Church Street
Hood Frank, beer retailer, Wilson Street
Horner Joseph, greengrocer, Commercial Street
Johnson Joseph, mineral agent
Jolly John G., postmaster, Hope Street
Kennedy John, Farrer’s Arms P.H., Bank Foot
Lamb Agnes (Miss), draper, 54 High Hope Street
Lawson William, tailor, 28 Gladstone Street
Lax Arthur, ironmonger, Market Place
Lax Frederick, boot warehouse, 10 Hope Street
Lax George, painter, gilder & glazier, 50 Gladstone Street
Lax William, builder & joiner, Grey Street
Lerman Jacob, fishmonger, Church Street
Levy Brothers, boot & shoe warehouse, 62 Hope Street
Linton Margaret (Mrs.), printer, 11 Church Street
Lister Henry, hair dresser, 15 Hope Street
Lister William, builder & contractor
London & Newcastle Tea Co-grocers, Royal Hotel Buildings
Low Beechburn Colliery Co. Limited (John W. Thompson, viewer)
Lowther Mattie (Miss), fancy draper, Market Place
Lugo John, shopkeeper, West Road
Lutz Charles A., butcher, Hope Street
Lumley John, butcher, Bridge Street
Lyall George, tailors’ cutter, Grey Street
Machell William, builder, Mowbray House
Mackay Alexander M.D., C.M. Glas. physician & surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator
Crook District, Auckland Union. Physician to Ushaw College & medical officer of health to the Crook Urban District Council, Palmfield House
Maughan John shopkeeper, Arthur Street
Mazznechi Charles, jeweller & toy dealer, 60 & 61 Hope Street
Mechanics’ Institute (Thomas Burnip, sec.; Thomas Pearson, treasurer; J.H. Pollard president)
Middleton George, cycle maker, Commercial Street
Milburn John, King’s Head P.H., Hope Street
Mills Thomas, tailor, 34 Commercial Street
Moralee John, butcher, 53 Hope Street
Murdoch Henry, draper, 25 Hope Street
Murphy John, boot maker, Whitfield Street
Murray John, blacksmith, Croft Street
Musgrave Robert, shopkeeper, West Road
Myers Thomas, general dealer, Commercial Street
National Provincial Bank of England Limited (agency) (J.E. Chalton, manager), Market Place;
open on tues & fri from 10.30 till 2.30; draw on head office, 112 Bishopsgate Street
Within, London E.C.
Neilson Thomas, White Swan P.H., 66 Hope Street
Nicholson Matthew, Alexander P.H., Arthur Street
Nixon William, Victoria Tavern, Nelson Street
Noddings Thomas, butcher, 49 Gladstone Street
North Eastern Banking Co. Limited (sub-branch) (R. Oliver, Bishop Auckland, manager); open
daily, Hope Street
Pallister & Wilson, drapers, Hope Street
Pallister John & Son, auctioneers, Grosvenor House
Palmer William & John, monumental sculptors, Hope Street
Parkin James William, draper, 18 Hope Street
Pattison John, Crook Hotel, Hope Street
Pearson Margaret (Miss), dress maker, High Hope Street
Pease & Partners Lim. (Thos. Hardy, mgr.), fire clay wks
Pedelty George L., plumber & gasfitter, Grey Street
Petrie David, Surtees Hotel, South Street
Poat James G., hair dresser, Church Street
Pollard James H., clothier, 4 Market Place
Powell William Laws, assistant overseer & collector to Urban District Council, Foundry Fields
Race John, school attendance officer, Milburn Street
Ramsbottom Robert, jeweller, 44 Hope Street
Reid David, Loves Hotel, Commercial Street
Reisback Matthew, colliery viewer to Bolckow, Vaughan & Co.
Richards John, butcher, Church Hill
Richardson Frederick, Golden Fleece P.H. Hope Street
Richardson Jane Ann (Mrs.), milliner, 37 Hope Street
Richardson Thomas, shopkeeper, West Road
Ridley Joseph, insurance agent, South Street,
Ridley Mary H. (Mrs.) berlin wool repository, South Street,
Ridley Wheatley, White Swan P.H., 66 Hope Street
Roberson Charles, hair dresser, Addison Street
Robinson Brothers, livery stables, Albert Street
Robinson Elizh. (Mrs.), general dealer, 10 Church Street
Robinson Frederick, picture frame maker, Hope Street
Robinson John, carter, Moravian Street
Rowland George, insurance agent, Milburn Street
Roddymoor Colliery (Joseph Pease & Partners Limited) (Horace Pratt, viewer)
Rudkin Amos, confectioner, Hope Street
Rudkin Joseph, confectioner, Church Street
Ryle John Thomas, pawnbroker 2 & 3 Market Place
Scales Thomas, general dealer, Bell Street
Sherrington James, Sunbeam P.H. West Road
Singer Manufacturing Co. (Robert McBratney, supt.), Hope Street
Sleep Charles, wine & spirit merchant, Hope Street
Smedley John, Royal Hotel, Market Place
Smith John, shopkeeper, Hope Street
Smith Thomas, shopkeeper, Hope Street
Snaith Thomas, shopkeeper, Bridge Street
Stewart William, house decorator, Church Street
Stitt Michael, grocer & assessor & collector of taxes, Market Place
Stoker Joseph, inspector & surveyor to Urban District Council, Council Offices, Market Place
Surtees John, school attendance officer, High Hope Street
Talbot Alfred Yarrow, watch maker, 21 Hope Street
Tarn Robert, shopkeeper, Wilson Street
Taylor Alice (Mrs.) baby linen warehouse, 16 Hope Street
Taylor William, shopkeeper, 24 Arthur Street
Theatre Royal (Wallace Davidson, lessee & manager)
Thexton William P., clothier, High Hope Street
Thompson Dorothy (Mrs.), confectioner, 5 Grey Street
Thompson William, wine & spirit merchant & agent for W. & A. Gilbey Limited, 20 Hope Street
Tulip Anderson, bill poster, Emmerson Street
Turnbull Brothers, iron founders, Crook foundry
Turner Robert, hair dresser, 71 Hope Street
Tyler Henry Peter, boot & shoe warehouse, Hope Street
Vasey John T., butcher, 45 High Hope Street
Volunteer Battalion (2nd) Durham Light Infantry (D Co) (Capt. J.H. Ramsey)
Waddington & Sons, music warehouse, 50 Hope Street
Wade John W Commercial Inn, Commercial Street
Walker Elizabeth (Mrs.) Coach & Horses P.H. Addison Street
Walker Thomas, provision dealer, 45 Commercial Street
Walton Hannah (Mrs.) stationer, 8 Hope Street
Walton Thomas, builder & contractor, Commercial Street
Waud Omri C., grocer, 67 & 68 Hope Street
Weardale & Shildon District Water Co.’s collector’s office, (William Hird, inspector), Hope
Wharton Annie (Miss), milliner, Hope Street
Whitfield Henry, grocer & provision merchant, 5 Hope Street
Whitfield Mary (Mrs.), provision dealer, Bridge Street
Wilkinson Thomas, chemist & druggist, 9 Hope Street
Willoughby James T., confectioner, Hope Street
Willson Walter, grocer & provision merchant, Market Place
Wilson James & Mrs., private school, Dawson Street
Wilson John, Sun Inn, Church Street
Wilson Jn. Hy., grocer, tea dealer & draper, 5 Market Place
Wilson Thomas, refreshment rooms, South Street
Wilson Thomas J., station master, Railway Station
Winter John R. Horseshoe Inn, Church Street
Winter Joseph, hair dresser, Commercial Street
Wynn Richard, refreshment rooms, 63 Hope Street

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