What was Durham Market Place like in the past?


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What did it look like?
Why did it develop there?
Who lived there?
What could you buy there?
Why did St Nic's change?


Case study on the pant
Case study on the statue
Case study on transport

Find out about the use of photographs
Find out more about the census
Find out more about trade directories
Find out more about maps
Find out more about church records

What is a trade directory?

Trade directories were very popular in the Victorian period. They contain lists of all the people involved in some kind of trade in a town. Sometimes they are arranged by street, and sometimes they are arranged by occupation, for example, all the blacksmiths might be listed together. They were used by salesmen who travelled the country to sell their goods. We can use trade directories to:
- find out what shops there were in a town
-discover what trades and industries there were

And if we look at different trade directories for different years we can see how our locality changes over time. If you want to look at trade directories for your own area you should contact your local library or archive for help.







A selection of trade directories available at Durham University Library

A selection of trade directories available at Durham University Library. (Image courtesy of Durham University Library).



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