What was Durham Market Place like in the past?


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What did it look like?
Why did it develop there?
Who lived there?
What could you buy there?
Why did St Nic's change?


Case study on the pant
Case study on the statue
Case study on transport

Find out about the use of photographs
Find out more about the census
Find out more about trade directories
Find out more about maps
Find out more about church records

How has transport changed?

Photograph showing St Nicholas' Church, c1850

Photograph showing transport in the Market Place in the 1850s. (DCRO ref: EP/Du.Sn 14/502)



Have a look at this photograph. It was taken outside St Nicholas' Church in 1850.

1. Make a list of all the different types of transport you can see.

2. How do you think most people in the photograph got to the marketplace?

3. What can you see in front of the church?

4. What do you think they were used for?

Finished? Now you have found out how most people travelled around in 1850, why not see how that changed.

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