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There are a wide range of theatre companies in Durham, all under the umbella of DST. Contact details are included below.

To appear on this site, companies must have registered first with DST. See
Theatre Company/Society Registration for more information.

Independent Companies

Another Country Productions - Oliver King - o.j.e.king@dur.ac.uk
Arizona Bay Productions - Adam Blampied - a.c.blampied@dur.ac.uk
Broccoli Productions - Lara Magor - l.j.r.magor@dur.ac.uk
Cox Productions - Lucy Cox - l.r.cox@dur.ac.uk
DULOG - Nicholas Lee - nicholas.lee@dur.ac.uk
Durham Opera Ensemble - Zoe Andrews - z.v.b.andrews@dur.ac.uk
Durham Shakespeare Company - Stephanie Smith - stephanie.smith@dur.ac.uk
Hand to Mouth Theatre Company - James Elliott - james.elliott@dur.ac.uk
K2 Theatre Company - Oliver King - o.j.e.king@dur.ac.uk
No Theatre Company - Alex Eccles - e.a.l.eccles@dur.ac.uk
Rather Like A Shark Productions - Nick Boalch - n.g.boalch@durham.ac.uk
R Squared Productions - Rob Richmond - r.e.d.richmond@durham.ac.uk
Skybound Productions - Alex Carey - alexandra.carey@dur.ac.uk
The Durham Revue - Katy Barker - t.r.k.barker@dur.ac.uk
This Theatre Company - Charlotte Ramsbotham - charlotte.ramsbotham@dur.ac.uk
WitTank - Naz Osmanoglu - nazim.osmanolgu@dur.ac.uk

College Companies (Open Casting)

Castle Theatre Company - Hugo Soul - h.c.soul@dur.ac.uk
STAB - Stuart Blacklock - s.a.blacklock@dur.ac.uk

Green Door Productions - Tom Lyons - t.d.lyons@dur.ac.uk
Bailey Theatre Company - Philippa Udy - philippa.udy@dur.ac.uk
Aidan's College Theatre - Sarah Cammack - sarah.cammack@dur.ac.uk
Society Theatre Company (Cuths) - Magnus Taylor - magnus.taylor@dur.ac.uk
The Hill College Theatre Company - Robert Bownes - robert.bownes@dur.ac.uk

College Companies (Closed Casting)

Trevelyan College Musical Society - Chris Busher - christopher.busher@dur.ac.uk
Fountains Theatre Company - Sam Hockey - s.g.hockey@dur.ac.uk
Quikfix (Castle) - Laura Southall - laura.southall@dur.ac.uk
Hild Bede Theatre - Clare Brenton - c.l.brenton@dur.ac.uk
Hole in the Wall (Van Mildert) - Shrina Patel - s.s.patel@dur.ac.uk
Wood Players - Leo Smith - leo.smith@dur.ac.uk
Lion Theatre Company - Emma Roberts - emma.roberts2@dur.ac.uk


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