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Tech is a major part of DST; although not usually the most glamorous role in a production it is by far the most important and the most fun!

In order to work safely in the Assembly Rooms, you need to complete a tech-course. They take place on alternate Sundays throughout the first and second terms and teach you everything from basic operation of the lighting & sound systems to how to work in the fly-gallery above the stage. The dates of these courses will be advertised in emails to all DST members and will appear in the messages box below.

Completion of the tech-course allows you to work on any show in the Assembly Rooms and also hire out any of the ridiculously cheap equipment we have to offer. Even more importantly, you can join us in Varsity afterwards for some techie banter and more curley fries than any of us can eat! The new technical board will insist that you join them in the Shakespeare.

Current Technical Messages:

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Tech Course Dates...

Check back soon for more dates 

For more information, read Become a Techie

DST Technical Staff:

Tech Director - Ben Ainsley - r.b.ainsley@dur.ac.uk - 07726 433 001
Particularly liasing with theatre companies & ordering new equipment. Ben has overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of the Assembly Rooms.

Module Coordinator - Stuart Berryman - stuart.berryman@dur.ac.uk - 07903 785 227
Need to hire something for a show or a bop? Contact Stuart who is responsible for the running of the Module Hire Programme.
If you cannot get hold of Stuart then you can contact Ian Wenkenbach. You may also meet Ian when you collect or return a hire.

Head of Lighting - James Sawle
Responsible for the upkeep of all the lanterns in the Assembly Rooms.

Head of Sound - Emily Robinson
Looks after the Assembly Rooms PA, the module PA and the radio mics, an expert at making lots of noise.

House Carpenter - Paul Jagger
Paul can help you if you need set to be built. If you ask him really nicely he might even build it for you. (ask really nicely)

College Liason Officer - Emma Matthews
Emma's job is to help you if you need to know anything about what equipment is available in the colleges.

Fly Master - Owen Thomas
Owen knows about hanging and flying.

If you want any help or advice get in touch with the appropriate person. If you're not sure who, ask Ben.

Equipment Hire

The DST Theatre Module is a superb resource for companies perform outside the Assembly Rooms, it contains everything you need to put on a full-scale production, and can be easily booked online.

Useful Documents:

??? Local Lighting/Sound Hire - 26 Apr 2006 15:37

HTML Suppliers and Services - 26 Oct 2005 00:01

PDF Tech Course Handout - 18 Oct 2005 13:45

??? Venue Guides - 03 Apr 2005 23:43


CD and hardcopy manuals are available from the DST Technical Staff.



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