Theatre Companies


President: Lewis Picard

More information to follow

Aidan's College Theatre

President: Sophie Forster

ACT is Aidan’s one and only Theatre Company. ACT is responsible for all of Aidan’s major theatrical performances, organising the annual college pantomime at Christmas and the 24 hour musical in summer. ACT also aim to put on theatrical performances in the main University theatre each term with successful ventures in past including; The Picture of Dorian Gray and Antigone.

Bailey Theatre Company

President: Nikhil Vyas

The Bailey Theatre Company is based at St. John’s College, providing a platform for both college and university-wide productions. This recently revived theatre company aims to perform both modern and more traditional drama and will be having at least one performance per term.


Battered Soul Theatre

President: Alex Prescot

More information to follow

Castle Theatre Company

Presidents: Kate Barton

Among the oldest of Durham's theatre companies, CTC frequently performs both modern and classical theatre in the castle, cathedral and other venues around Durham. CTC's high-profile productions are open to members of any college, and culminate in a 'Summer Shakespeare Tour', this year touring the USA.

Collingwood Woodplayers

Presidents: James Llewelyn & Anna Gailbraith

The Woodplayers perform a regular bill of four shows each year consisting of a play in Michaelmas Term, a musical in Epiphany Term and a double bill of plays in the Summer term with the aim of contrasting a contemporary piece with a classical play. We will take on any genre and any scale, with recent productions including Grease! and Sherlock. Our socials are second to none with a heavy emphasis on fancy dress and debauchery. Enthusiasm is essential, experience is optional.

Durham Improvised Musical

President: Alex Prescot & Sarah Slmani

Durham Improvised Musical is just what it says on the tin. The audience gives us a name of a song, a starting location and the title of the show and from that we create a brand new musical in front of your eyes. Performing around Durham for various events. Auditions for new members of the troupe take place every June.

Durham Opera Ensemble

President: Sophie Kidwell

DOE stage three operatic works each year with our main production in the Great Hall of Durham Castle and are supported by Thomas Allen. Virtually nobody when arriving has done opera before, and we want to give Durham students new opportunities. Any interest in opera, offstage or onstage, definitely audition.

The Durham Revue

President: Abigail Weinstock

The Durham Revue is the University's longest-running sketch group. We perform every term in the Assembly Rooms and the Gala Theatre, as well as in Oxford and Cambridge with their respective troupes. We also take a show to Edinburgh every August. Auditions for new members are held in first term.

Durham University Classical Theatre

President: George Breare

DUCT is committed to producing high quality productions of plays written over a hundred years ago or exploring events occurring over a hundred years ago, to reviving forgotten works and to providing a reliable platform for budding talent in Durham to get involved in classical theatre.

Durham University Light Opera Group

President: Jennifer Bullock

Durham University Light Opera Group (DULOG) is the university's main musical theatre group. We stage five shows a year, ranging from Gilbert & Sullivan to modern Broadway, including one at the Edinburgh Fringe. The highlight of the DULOG calendar is in late January: our annual show at the professional Gala Theatre.

Foot of the Hill Theatre

President: Julie McElroy

“The Foot of the Hill Theatre” is based at St Mary’s College and run by Mary’s Drama society. We run 3 main shows a year, one each term across a plethora of genres and this year we are aiming to do an Arts variety performance which will include several short, possibly obscure plays. Tickets are rarely over £5 and we want to welcome as many audience members as possible to support or production teams’ hard work, and to enjoy a great show! We have something for everyone, and whether it’s the Christmas Panto you’re interested in, our Shakespeare or our Summer Musical, we’re not afraid to give it a go and neither should you be! Auditions for all performances are open to all colleges. We hope to see you on our stage soon!

Fourth Wall

President: Penny Babakhani, Leying Lee, & Rohan Perumatantri

Fourth Wall is a brand new company dedicated to staging high-quality dramas, as well as producing translated works and original student pieces. We aim to be bold, innovative but above all entertaining. If you are interested in collaborating with us, or have any questions, please get in touch under

Hild Bede Theatre

President: Ed Wheatley

Hild Bede Theatre is the largest college drama society in Durham. A vibrant and friendly community, HBT stages a minimum of three shows a year and has won Best College Musical for four consecutive years. Previous productions include The Crucible, 4.48 Psychosis, Oliver! The Musical and many more!

Hill College Theatre Company

Presidents: Stella Alexandrova

HCTC is known as the umbrella theatre company for the Hill Colleges but we are open to the whole university. Our aim is to give the audience a good laugh so we tend towards lighter fare. We put on one production per term and our renowned summer Shakespeare is always performed outside.

Infinity Musical Theatre

President: TBC

IMT is Queen's Campus' premier performing arts society. We strive to provide you with the best Musical Theatre experience, and a chance to join our crazy fun family! We put on one big professional production a year, and have various performance opportunities throughout the year, e.g. formal dinners, special events...

Just Deserts

President: Oscar Koronka

Just Deserts is Durham’s favourite cult sketch comedy group. Offering up fast-moving and original comedy, ranging from the deliciously dark, to the scrumptiously surreal, to the refreshingly whimsical, this group has met with acclaim since it hit the Durham scene. So prepare for anarchy, hilarity and the occasional kangaroo.

Lion Theatre Company

President: Tom Wills

The Lion Theatre Company (LTC), Hatfield College's official drama society, looks to put on performances that make use of the wide spectrum of dramatic talent within the college. Productions include Hatfield-only plays, as well as shows that bring in performers from throughout the university, with shows ranging from musical theatre and comedy to 24 hour plays. Recent productions have included plays by Pinter, Shakespeare, and Dario Fo, as well as several student-devised pieces.

Ooook! Productions

President: Matthew Elliot-Ripley

Ooook! is a friendly and outreaching theatre company, specialising in comedy productions. We aim to involve new talent alongside an experienced cast and crew, resulting in high quality shows that prove popular with the large and diverse audiences they attract. Ooook! donates all profits and has raised over £11,000 for charity. 

Phoenix Theatre Company

President: Alice Ashwell and Josie Williams

More information to follow

Pitch Productions

President: Isabelle Culkin and Suzy Hawes

More information to follow

Raving Mask

President: Hugh Train

Raving Mask is a new theatre company committed to an experimental and innovative style. Whilst the company will have no strict performance approach it will predominantly be focusing on the theatre of the absurd. Raving Mask welcomes new writing and will be a platform for theatrical exploration.


President: Jonny Lock

ShellShock! is the performance name of the Durham's Improvised Comedy Society. As well as regular workshops we perform frequently around the University, in colleges and at Edinburgh, where we return from our fifth consecutive year performing 'Quest For Comedy!' at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

St. Chads Green Door Theatre Company

President: Tom Mander

St Chad's College Green Door Theatre Company is a small but keen company starting out in the big wide world of DST. Although we're young, we've got big plans for the upcoming year: hope you can join us for some of them!

Society of Theatrical Arts at Butler

President: Bryony Renshaw & Rosie Hodsdon

STAB is the Society of Theatrical Arts at Butler. We have a yearly Murder Mystery formal and a Christmas Play, in addition to doing a larger intercollegiate production. We are still a theater group 'in the making' and very open for ideas and new people!

Tone Deaf Theatre Company

President: Sarah Slimani

TDTC was founded in 2010 with with the aim of bringing small cast modern musicals to Durham. Since then it has brought 'EDGES', 'Fresher: The Musical', 'The Last 5 Years' and '[title of show]' to the Durham stage. TDTC prides itself on its high quality of shows and is always searching for the best new musicals. If you're interested in finding out more contact Dan Gosselin (

Trevelyan College Musical Society

President: Tom Mack

Trevelyan College Musical Society provides the colleges annual musical, created and performed by the fantastic talent of Trevelyan students! The whole show is put together by up to 200 Trevelyanites and is performed during February in the dining hall. A fantastic showcase of the colleges dancers, singers, musicians, artists and tech team!


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