We'll Buy Your Old Books!

If you are a graduating student or no longer require your old maths books - think about the needs of freshers and other students looking for cheap second hand books.

We'll consider purchasing any books which are on a current department reading list.


To find out more about
buying or selling textbooks,
email the society for additional information or a quote.

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Books Currently Available to Buy:

If you are interested in buying some books then email the Society stating which book you are interested in. Even if it is not on the list give us an email as there may be some books which have currently escaped the website catalogue.


[Acheson, D.J.] Elementary Fluid Dynamics

[Allenby, R.B.J.T] Rings, Fields and Groups (2nd Edition) [x2]

[Anton] Elementary Linear Algebra (7th, 8th and 9th Editions)

[Armstrong, M.A.] Basic Topology

[Boas, M.L.] Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences (2nd Edition)

[Bronson & Naadimuthu] Operations Research (Schaum's Outlines) (2nd Edition)

[Cornelius, B.] Understanding Java

[Deitel & Deitel] Java - How To Program (3rd Edition)

[Grant & Phillips] Electromagnetism

[Higham, D.J.] An Introduction to Financial Option Valuation

[Hillier & Lieberman] Introduction to Operations Research (8th Edition) [x3 - each with CD]

[Johnson, D.L.] Elements of Logic via Numbers and Sets

[Kauffman, L.H.] On Knots

[Kreyszig] Advanced Engineering Mathematics (8th Edition)

[Lightman et al.] Problem book in relativity and gravitation

[Ling & Xing] Coding Theory

[Lipschultz, M.] Differential Geometry (Schaum's Outlines) [x2]

[Lipschutz & Lipson] Linear Algebra (Schaum's Outlines) (3rd Edition) [x5]

[McColl, J.H.] Probability

[Moore & McCabe] Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (4th Edition)

[Priestley, H.A.] Introduction to Complex Analysis (Revised Edition)

[Speigel] Complex Variables (Schaum's Outlines) [x2]

[Salas, Hille & Etgen] Calculus:One and Several Variables (9th Edition)

[Speigel] Theory and Problems of Statistics (Schaum's Outlines)

[Velleman, D.J.] How to Prove it (1st and 2nd Editions)

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