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Careers Page

Welcome to our careers page!

This page contains information on companies which have specifically contacted us as wanting Mathematicians to join their company and also links to other useful careers websites specifically for mathematicians.


These are useful websites with good sections for Maths Careers

IMA - Institute of Mathematics and its applications

GRB - A great career matchmaking service designed specifically for graduates

Prospects - A wide ranging careers website with specific guidance for maths

Additionally, the Maths department offers some careers information
on DUO, in the 'Maths Undergraduate' course (which should be
available to all students).

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These are some external companies who are looking to hire Durham Mathematicians like you!

Accenture - our generous sponsor who do Technical Consulting

Gloucester Research - Finance based software and research. Click here for Current careers opportunities with Gloucester Research

Ones to Watch - A recruitment agency looking for brand managers in Durham
(The link is an email to the Maths Society if you want more information)

Moloney Search Graduate Headhunting Firm- This company
work on behalf of several FTSE 100 companies.

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