This Term's Lectures

The next colloquium will be on Wednesday 7th December and will be given by Liz Hanbury.

More details to follow.

Previous Lectures

Speaker: Summer School Students

Speaker: Dr Mukund Rangamani
Title: Black Holes and Holograms

Speaker: Dr. Peter Bowcock
Title: Defects of integrable field theory

Speaker: Dr. V. Kurlin
Title: Configuration spaces

Speaker: Summer School Students
Title: Various

Speaker: Dr T. Tokieda
Title: Dot-dots, zig-zags and plank-planks

Speaker: Dr O. Hryniv
Title: Probability Potpourri

Speaker: Dr H. Gangl
Title: Modular arithmetic and
the entropy function

Speaker: Dr M. Jensen
Title: Image de-noising, biological membranes and
porus media flow


If you have any suggestions
as to topics for the colloquium, contact Matt Palmer
or email the society.

Undergraduate Colloquium


The undergraduate colloquia are a series of lectures which are run by the department in conjunction with MathSoc, taking place in the Michaelmas and Epiphany terms. We aim to cover a wide range of pure and applied topics, inviting speakers from the Mathematical Department at Durham, as well as other universities. The talks are at a level such that anyone with an interest in maths can enjoy the talk.

This Michaelmas term we have already had talks by Dr Mukund Rangamani on 'Black Holes as Holograms' and a second talk from three 4th year students - Matthew Palmer, Katie Gittins and Antony Lawson - detailing their summer projects in the department.

Our next colloquium is scheduled for 7th December. It will be given by Liz Hanbury and more details will follow soon.





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