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Founded in 1996 by the Philosophy Department of Durham University as a printed international journal, Philosophical Writings is now re-launched as a free-access, peer-reviewed online journal covering all areas of research in philosophy, offering rigorous, swift, and effective peer-review procedures. Our primary remit is to provide a channel for the publication of original work by postgraduates and new academics. In this manner the journal wants to play a vital role in the growth and development of philosophical awareness in the next generation of philosophers, acting as a forum for new ideas and exchanges. We welcome submissions from established academics, and we sometimes accept and invite feature pieces as well as reviews of particular fields or areas of research. Philosophical Writings receives contributions from many institutions around the world and the journal continually seeks to represent a cross-section of international philosophical interests. The Editor-in-Chief is Mesut Malik Yavuz.

"Man is at home in the world when he knows it, still more when he has understood it."

"Tell them, I had a wonderful life."

Philosophical Writings Journal has an international editorial board and past guest articles have been written by, among others: Jonathan Lowe, Christopher Norris, John Gaskin, Anthony Flew, Alan Thomas, David Oderberg and David Cooper. In publishing a wide variety of stimulating and original essays, the journal hopes to play a vital role in the growth and development of philosophical awareness in the next generation of philosophers.
"I sought myself." -Heraclitus

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