Vibrant, personal

St Chad's is one of the oldest and most popular colleges in Durham. Most years, our students achieve among the very highest academic results in the University.

We are a small, personable college, with 390 undergrads and 150 postgrads. Generally regarded as one of the most friendly colleges in Durham, we also take studies dead-seriously: we have the highest number of research staff in any Durham college; we have the most extensive library resources by far; and we have the very best tutor to student ratio. We want our students to achieve their very best, and we'll do everything we can to enable them to achieve their aims. We have an excellent mix of undergrads and postgrads, which reinforces the very real sense of living and working in a vibrant academic community. 

St Chad's is a progressive, liberal-minded college. Our manageable size enables us to offer personal support to all our students in a first-class research environment.

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