St Chad's College Choir
University of Durham

St Chad's College Choir Association

St Chad’s College Choir Association has been formed to:


Provide a mechanism for former singers to keep in contact with the Choir. It will also enable them to keep in contact with the Choir and take part in reunion events.


Allow friends and family of current singers to offer support for the Choir and its work, both within the College and through the various outreach projects.


Enable members of the wider College community to give their support to the Choir and its development.


Give those people with whom the College works regularly the chance to contribute to the continuation and development of the College Choir.

Members of the Choir Association will also be invited to special events. From time to time we hope to organise a larger-scale event, perhaps in London.


In addition, it is hoped that members of the Choir Association, singers and audience alike, will wish to help in promoting the well-being of the current College Choir, in order to preserve and maintain this integral part of College life.


If former members of the choir, or indeed any College graduate, would like to discuss the possibilities for funding further Choral Scholarships or Organ Scholarships, please contact the Director of Music who would be delighted to discuss this with you.


We hope that as many people as possible will join the Choir Association.























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