Green Door Production, the College's production company, puts on a major play once per year, usually after the exams in June.  Durham Student Theatre (DST) regularly put on plays at the Assembly Rooms, situated a few metres from Chad's on the Bailey.  Students from Chad's regularly appear in their productions and also in the musical productions of DULOG (Durham University Light Opera Group, co-founded by Chadsians decades ago).  InStep produces musicals at various venues in Durham; and more recently the Durham Revue has been producing stand-up comedy routines for the the Edinburgh Festival, among other places.

Promotional Video from Chad's Green Door Productions....



Music is a big part of St Chad's.  The College's Director of Music, Michael Haynes, directs the Choir and coordinates other musical events in College.  Informal and formal concerts occur several times each term.  A number of pianos are available for practice; and a new music practice room is being added for 2014. The Durham Jazz Festival was held in College in 2011 and noted Jazz singer Sandi Russell is a College Fellow and active member of our SCR.





YouTube Video of Chad's African Drumming Group:

Visual Arts

St Chad's has been home to the Durham Cathedral Artists in Residence for thirty years. In conjunction with the Cathedral, Northern Arts and Sunderland University (among others), the College has supported this important residency in the North of England. The artists spent a whole year in Durham and contributed hugely to the life of the College. The following list  of resident shows the range of art and artists supported from 1983 until 2011, when the residency went part-time:

1983-1984 Virginia Bodman
1984-1985 Felicity Allen
1985-1986 Matthew Carey
1986-1987 Colin Wilbourn
1987-1988 Anita Taylor
1988-1989 Gerald Davies
1989-1990 Tara Sabharwal
1990-1991 Jo Burns
1991-1992 Deborah Gardner
1992-1993 Richard Cole
1993-1994 Robert Maclaurin
1994-1995 Ian Breakwell
1995-1996 Rachel Evans
1996-1997 Neil Gall
1997-1998 David Ward
1998-1999 Katayoun Pasban Dowlatshahi
1999-2000 Simon Parish
2000-2001 Geoff Broadway
2001-2002 Tony Sinden
2002-2003 Jim Harold
2003-2004 Paul Moss / Maggie Hills
2004-2005 Paul Housley
2005-2006 Zatorski & Zatorski
2006-2007 Oliver Godow
2007-2008 Eleanor Morton
2008-2009 Nadia Hebson
2009-2010 Simon Martin
2010-2011 Anthony Faroux

Due to cuts in arts funding in the UK, the residency is no longer for a full year.