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St Chad’s has eight library and study rooms located in its Main Building, making it the largest college library in Durham. These are an excellent resource for St Chad’s College students, providing a variety of study environments and a large stock of books. All library rooms have hard-wired and wireless internet access.

Opening Hours:

The Brewis, Wetherall, Fenton and Trounson Libraries are open to members of college 24/7 throughout term time.

The Williams Library is also open 24/7, though it is sometimes used for seminars, lectures and larger meetings.

The Reserve Library is open when a member of library staff is on duty and the opening hours are displayed on the door.

The Bettenson Room is available unless signed out for seminars and meetings.

Library Staff:

College Librarian: Jenny Parker, BA (Hist), MA (Hist), PGDip (Archaeology), PGDip (Librarianship)

Honorary Librarian: The Revd Graham Cornish, BA

Emeritus Librarian: Roger Norris, MA, DipLib

The College Librarian can be contacted by email at

There is a team of student librarians who work throughout the week. They help to maintain the library stock and to keep the Reserve Library open in the evenings. They can be contacted by email and the information is on the Library Notice Board beside the Reserve Library.

About St Chad’s College Library and Collections

In addition to its regular holdings, the College has a significant collection of works by, or concerning the work of, Bernard Lonergan, the noted Jesuit philosopher and theologian from Canada. The Lonergan Collection is accessible with permission. Contact the Principal for information about access.

Another College collection, which includes the St Chad’s College Manuscripts, is now kept in the Archives and Special Collections at Durham University Library. The College founders were deeply influenced by the ideals of the Oxford Movement, and the College’s tradition is clearly reflected in the manuscripts and early printed books given to its library by various benefactors, particularly in their emphasis on liturgy and ritual.

The very earliest works comprise two medieval manuscripts (a 13th-century antiphoner and a 15th-century book of hours), a fragment of a 16th-century musical manuscript, and a 19th-century Turkish calligraphic manuscript. The medieval manuscripts are described in N.R. Ker, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, II, (Oxford, 1977) 512-3, and, more fully, in the Draft Catalogue of Medieval Manuscripts in the University Library, available in the University’s search room.

The other early manuscripts form part of the deposit in the University Library of early books from St Chad's College Library. This deposit comprises many of the college's pre-1701 books, including ten incunables, thirty-four sixteenth century and eighty-four seventeenth century books, and hundreds of volumes of later date. The College also retains a sizeable collection of older books and manuscripts in-house.


In addition to the College's computer room, the various libraries have internet access: wireless, hard-wired or (most often) both.

Using the College Library

Using the Library | Finding your way around | Reserve Collection | Requesting new books

Searching for Books

The current books in the Library are catalogued on the University Library catalogue.

You can search for just the college library books, or combine these with the University Library books, by using the right hand drop down list in the “Search the catalogue” section and selecting “St Chad’s” or “St Chad’s + University Library”

Click here for a blank keyword search of St Chad's College Library

Click  here for a blank keyword search across both St Chad's and the University Library

Books from our college library have shelfmarks beginning 'St Chad’s'. You will need to note the location as well – the record should tell you which library room has the book you need.

See Finding your way around for locations of books by shelfmark and library rooms.

Borrowing Books and DVDs

Brewis, Williams, Wetherall, Fenton, Trounson: these libraries operate on an honour system:

a) Fill in a green slip from one of the check-out boxes in the library rooms

b) File it in the box according to surname of author or editor

c) Fenton Libraries – check-out box is in Fenton 1, on the ledge by the door

Reference books: these have a shelfmark beginning with “Ref”. They are for reference use only and must not be moved from the library rooms.

Reserve Library: the Reserve Collection contains the recommended and reading list books and these have to be checked out online by college library staff. They will be listed as “Current Loans” on your library record.


We have a large collection of DVDs . These are shelved in the Reserve Library and are checked out by library staff. The loan period is one week. They include feature films, documentaries, film adaptations (eg. Dickens, Austen), Shakespeare productions, foreign language films etc.
To view a full list, search the online library catalogue, using the Shelfmark: St Chad’s DVD

Returning Books

From Brewis, Williams, Wetherall, Fenton, Trounson: please leave books for these rooms in the “Returned Books” shelves or boxes in the appropriate room.

From the Reserve Library: Reserve Collection books should be returned to the Reserve Library or left at College Reception for the Librarian.


Finding your way around...

Using the Library | Finding your way around | Reserve Collection | Requesting new books

College Library Notice Board
– on the first floor, between the Reserve and Wetherall Libraries.  The notice board is very useful for information on books, loan procedures , new acquisitions, DVDs etc.

All the college library rooms are in the Main Building.


Library Location Subject Shelfmark Access
Brewis Ground floor Arts

Arts & Literature Reference
General Fiction




24 hr access
during term

Williams Ground Floor Geography & History

Law Reports
Criminal Law Review
Theology journals



24 hr.  Not always available.  Used as a function room so  access can be limited

Wetherall 1st Floor



Theology Reference


24 hr



1st Floor Reserve Collection (reading list books – all subjects)

Theology (History)







Opening hours as displayed on door of room

Fenton (1)



Top Floor General works
Philosophy, Psychology
Social Sciences

General Reference (dictionaries, encyclopaedias etc)

Wellbeing section

Careers section





24 hr

Fenton (2)


Top Floor Science

24 hr



Top Floor Language 400-499 24 hr


Reserve Collection 

Using the Library | Finding your way around | Reserve Collection | Requesting new books

How the Reserve Collection Works

The Reserve Library has books recommended for modules and reading list books.  The Reserve Library's holdings are for all subjects (Shelfmarks 000-999).

We have increased this collection considerably over the last three years, often through student recommendations for purchase.

All these books have an orange sticker on the spine and have to be checked out online by College Library staff in the Reserve Library. They will then be listed on your own library record.

Unfortunately, we can’t leave these books in the other library rooms with 24 hour access as we need to monitor this stock and ensure that books are returned and that everyone has the opportunity to use them.

Reserve Library Opening Times

The Reserve Library is open at specific times and these are displayed on the library door. It is usually four mornings and early afternoons during the week with evening openings every week day and at weekends.

Other Information

Email: if you can’t make the opening hours, books can also be requested by email to the College Librarian ( and will be left in College Reception for you to collect. This is an easy way to get hold of the books if you are not in College for the opening hours.

Number of books: undergraduates and postgraduates can borrow up to 20 college Reserve Collection books in addition to their quota of Main Library books.

Loan period: three weeks for undergraduates and three months for postgraduates. Books can be renewed online in the same way as the Main Library books.

Fines: do remember to renew your loans as there will be fines for overdue books.

Recall / hold / reserve: if you need a book which is already checked out, please contact the Librarian and she will recall the book or arrange a book share if possible. All books are subject to recall if needed by another college student.

Book returns: remember to return these books to the Reserve Library or to College Reception so that library staff can check them in online and remove them from your record.

Access - Please Note:  Although it may seem that these books are restricted compared to the 24 hour access to our other library rooms, there is still plenty of opportunity to browse or request them. Student Librarians have access to the rooms and would be happy to help you at any reasonable time and the College Librarian can also be flexible and rearrange hours if you need help.

Requesting New Books

Using the Library | Finding your way around | Reserve Collection | Requesting new books

Requesting books: The Library has a fund to buy new books, and we welcome suggestions from all college students.

We usually purchase according to the following guidelines:

a. Books which are on undergraduate reading lists
b. Books which are well used in the Main Library Short Loan section
c. Items generally cost less than £50
d. Copies available for purchase

We do have to cover a broad range of subjects so cannot buy everything, but it is always worth asking!

Please send new book suggestions to the College Librarian (

It helps if you can include the following details:


Name of course which requires this book

Reason for request (for example):

Main Library copies unavailable (all checked out)
No copy in college library
Cannot find college library copy

Dissertations, theses: It is difficult to buy books for specific research topics as such books are very unlikely to be used again by other readers. However, we do have a number of books on research and writing generally and would welcome suggestions to add to this section.

Library Regulations

Please try to keep a quiet environment in the library rooms and don’t disturb other users.

Drinks should be in screw top containers and food should not be taken into the library rooms

The libraries should also be kept as tidy as possible – any personal belongings left overnight may be removed by the library staff. Personal belongings, including laptops, are left in the libraries at the owner's risk; the College takes no responsibility for theft of or damage to personal property.

For security, please make sure that library doors are locked when you leave the room.

The Wetherall Library