George Edward Bodimeade + Mary Louisa Millin

11 children
Louisa Martha Bodimead
Birth: about 1881Kilburn, London, , England
George William Bodimead
Birth: about 1882Kilburn, London, , England
Death: between January 1909 and March 1909Whitechapel District, England
Annie Ellen Bodimead
Birth: about 1883Kilburn, Middlesex, , England
Rosa Maria Bodimead
Birth: about 1885Kilburn, London, , England
Daniel Edward Bodimead
Birth: about 1886Kilburn, London, , England
Death: between January 1968 and March 1968Hillingdon, England
Maud Mary Bodimead
Birth: between October 1888 and December 1888Hendon, England
Charles Henry Bodimead
Birth: September 1890Kilburn, Middlesex, , England
Death: between April 1891 and June 1891Hendon, England
Ernest James Bodimead
Birth: about 1893
Death: between October 1935 and December 1935Fylde, England
Sara Mabel Bodimead
Birth: between July 1895 and September 1895Hendon, England
Albert Victor Bodimeade
Birth: November 26, 1899
Death: between January 1981 and March 1981Ealing, England
Sydney Bodimead
Birth: between April 1902 and June 1902Uxbridge District, England
Death: between January 1979 and March 1979Hillingdon, England

Parents Grandparents
George Edward Bodimeade
Birth: about 1859
Death: between January 1935 and March 1935Uxbridge District, England
George Bodimeade
Birth: about 1835Edgware, Middlesex, , England
Death: 1893
Martha Coleman
Birth: about 1837
Death: between April 1922 and June 1922Willesden District, England

Mary Louisa Millin
Birth: about 1859St Marylebone, Middlesex, , England
Death: between October 1944 and December 1944Birmingham
Family group information
Marriage October 10, 1880
St Mary, Hendon, Middlesex, Hendon, England

Citation details: PRO Ref: RG 11 / 171 / 20 / page 34 /
Quality of data: primary evidence
Citation details: Entry 138, 10 Oct 1880: George Edward BODIMEAD and Mary Louisa MILLIN
Quality of data: primary evidence
Note: Registered: Oct-Dec 1880, Vol.3a, p.210. By Banns. All signed