William Henry Savin + Alice Maud Bodymead

No children

Parents Grandparents
William Henry Savin
Birth: about 1855
Edward Savin
Death: before January 2, 1909

Alice Maud Bodymead
Birth: May 22, 1876
William Bodymead
Birth: November 19, 1847
Death: between October 1881 and December 1881Hendon, England
Mary Maria Wyatt
Birth: about 1854Shoreditch, Middlesex, , England
Family group information
Marriage January 2, 1909
Holy Trinity, Kilburn, Middlesex, Hendon, England

Citation details: Entry for William Henry SAVIN and Alice Maud BODYMEAD, 02 Jan 1909
Quality of data: primary evidence
Note: Registered: Jan-Mar 1909, Vol.3a, p.287. By licence. Both parties and witnesses signed.