William Bodimeade + Louisa Brooks

5 children
Arthur William Bodimeade
Birth: between April 1902 and June 1902Hendon, England
Death: between July 1943 and September 1943Hendon, England
Doris Annie Bodimeade
Birth: March 2, 1905
Death: February 1997Hertfordshire, Watford, England
Kathleen Ethel Bodimeade
Birth: between July 1906 and September 1906Hendon, England
Death: September 18, 1979
Albert Harry Bodimeade
Birth: about 1909
Death: between July 1909 and September 1909Hendon, England
Nellie Ada Bodimeade
Birth: between October 1910 and December 1910Hendon, England
Death: August 1979

Parents Grandparents
William Bodimeade
Birth: between January 1878 and March 1878Hendon, England
Death: between January 1935 and March 1935Pancras, England
Charles Bodimeade
Birth: between July 1839 and September 1839Hendon, England
Death: between April 1898 and June 1898Hendon, England
Anne Cammack
Birth: about 1835Upton, Lincolnshire, , England
Death: between July 1890 and September 1890Hendon, England

Louisa Brooks
Birth: July 7, 1870
Death: between April 1939 and June 1939Hendon, England
Family group information
Marriage between 1896 and 1901

Publication: late 1970s
Quality of data: secondary evidence
Citation details: Rg 13 / 1207 / fo 25 / p38
Quality of data: primary evidence