Henry David Bodimeade + Annie Wicks

5 children
Henry Charles Bodimeade
Birth: about 1891St Giles, London, , England
Death: June 10, 1915
William Edward Bodimeade
Birth: about 1892
Death: between April 1928 and June 1928London C. District, England
Dorothy Bodimead
Birth: about 1894
Death: between January 1894 and March 1894Pancras, England
Sydney Thomas Bodimeade
Birth: October 31, 1896
Death: October 17, 1918
Arthur James Bodimeade
Birth: December 31, 1898
Death: 1996Australia

Parents Grandparents
Henry David Bodimeade
Birth: about 1865Stanmore, Middlesex, , England
Death: between July 1914 and September 1914Hendon, England
Henry Bodimeade
Birth: about 1842Harrow, Middlesex, , England
Death: between January 1925 and March 1925Hendon, England
Penelope Clark
Birth: January 11, 1845
Death: between October 1922 and December 1922Hendon, England

Annie Wicks
Birth: about 1869Harrow Weald, Harrow, Middlesex, , England
Death: between April 1935 and June 1935Hendon, England
Charles Wicks
Birth: about 1829Yealdon, Essex, , England
Family group information
Marriage banns November 30, 1890

Citation details: Entry 335 David Henry BODIMEADE, bachelor of the parishof Stanmore and Annie WICKS spinster of this parish
Quality of data: primary evidence
Marriage December 25, 1890
All Saints, Harrow Weald, Middlesex, Hendon, England

Quality of data: primary evidence
Quality of data: primary evidence
Quality of data: primary evidence
Publication: c 1990
Quality of data: primary evidence
Citation details: Entry 286, 25 Dec 1890, Henry David BODIMEADE and Annie WICKS
Quality of data: primary evidence
Note: Registered: Oct-Dec 1890 Vol.3a, p.229. By Banns. All signed.