Henry Bodimeade + Annie Hayes

No children

Parents Grandparents
Henry Bodimeade
Birth: June 25, 1858
Death: between April 1921 and June 1921Headington, England
George Bodymead
Birth: about 1816Harrow, Middlesex, , England
Death: between July 1880 and September 1880Barnet, England
Caroline Shervin
Birth: about 1819Watford, Hertfordshire, , England

Annie Hayes
Birth: about 1853Canford, Dorset, , England
Death: between July 1930 and September 1930Headington, England
William Hayes
Death: before May 3, 1884
Family group information
Marriage May 3, 1884
Holy Trinity, Aldershot, Hampshire, Farnham, England

Citation details: PRO Ref: RG 13 / 1381 / 124 / page 9 / 60
Quality of data: primary evidence
Citation details: Marriage of Herny BODIMEADS and Annie HAYES, 3 May 1884 Holy Trinity Aldershot. Transcript for Guild Marriage Challenge by Howard Benbrook.
Quality of data: primary evidence
Note: Registered Apr-Jun 1884, vol. 2a p.150. By banns. Both parties and both witnesses signed.