James Baxter + Clara Cooper

7 children
Elizabeth Baxter
Birth: 1898Southwark, , , England
Robert Baxter
Birth: about 1899Newington, London, , England
Lillian Baxter
Birth: 1904Southwark, , , England
James Baxter
Birth: 1908Southwark, , , England
Violet Winifred Baxter
Birth: 1910Southwark, , , England

Parents Grandparents
James Baxter
Birth: 1871Barking, , , England

Clara Cooper
Birth: June 6, 18774 Jesmond Cottage, Childshill Lane, Hendon, Middlesex, , England
William Cooper
Birth: about 1854
Mary Ann Bodimead
Birth: about 1857Edgware, Middlesex, , England
Family group information

The details of this family are private.