Albert G Henwood + Mary Ann Bodymead

No children

Parents Grandparents
Albert G Henwood
Birth: about 1882

Mary Ann Bodymead
Birth: about 1884
Henry Bodymead
Birth: January 16, 1848Cross Street, Lewisham, Kent, , England
Death: July 20, 188814 Vian Street, Lewisham
Louisa Cooper
Birth: about 1851Crayford, Kent, , England
Family group information
Marriage December 25, 1906
St John Deptford, London, Greenwich District, England

Citation details: Entry for Albert HENWOOD and May BODYMEAD, 25 Dec 1906
Quality of data: primary evidence
Note: Registered: Oct -Dec 1906 Vol.1d, p.1738. By banns. Both parties and witnesses signed. Marginal note reads: "In entry No.451 in col. 2 read Albert George Henwood Mary Ann Bodymead and in the signatures for Albert Henwood and May Bodymead read Albert George Henwood and Mary Ann Bodymead. Corrected on 15.11.1930 by me Robert Neill , vicar, in the presence of A.G. Henwood M.A. Henwood being the parties married."