Bodimeade families database

John Thomas Bodimeade + Mary Ellen Peacock

2 children
Stuart John Bodimeade
Birth: between January 1925 and March 1925Hendon, England
Death: July 1997Bedfordshire, Luton, England
Keith Bodimeade
Birth: between October 1926 and December 1926Hendon, England
Death: September 1986Surrey, Surrey NW, England

Parents Grandparents
Albert Bodimeade
Birth: about 1872Great Stanmore, Middlesex, , England
Death: between July 1932 and September 1932St Geo. H. Sq., England

Family group information
Marriage October 18, 1924
Citation details: Transcripts 1:ARM, 2:ARM , 3:
Quality of data: primary evidence
Citation details: John Thomas Bodimeade and Mary Ellen Peacock, 1924
Quality of data: primary evidence
Note: Registered: Oct-Dec 1924, Vol 3a, p818. (Identity of witness Elsie Bodimeade is guessed.)