Alfred Page + Sarah Isabella Bodimeade

No children

Parents Grandparents
Alfred Page
Birth: before 1860
George Page
Death: before December 18, 1881

Sarah Isabella Bodimeade
Birth: about 1856Harrow, Middlesex, , England
William Bodimeade
Birth: about 1827Harrow, Middlesex, , England
Death: between October 1884 and December 1884Brentford, England
Margaret Carr
Birth: about 1828London, , England
Death: between October 1878 and December 1878Brentford, England
Family group information
Marriage banns November 13, 1881
St Paul, Hamersmith, Middlesex, , England

Citation details: 1881. Alfred Page B and Sarah Bodimead, S, Novr 13, Novr 20, Novr 27.
Quality of data: primary evidence
Marriage December 18, 1881
St Peter Hammersmith, Middlesex, Fulham, England

Citation details: Entry for Alfred PAGE and sARAH BODIMEADE, 18 Dec 1881
Quality of data: primary evidence
Note: Registered: Oct-Dec 1881, Vol.1a, p.481. By banns. Both signed, as did witnesses.