Friday 8 July

1400-1405 Iain Stewart Welcome to Durham
1405-1505 Carsten Thomassen Variations on Grötzsch's Theorem
1505-1535 David Manlove Student-project allocation with preferences over projects
1600-1630 Henning Fernau Asymptotically faster algorithms for the parameterized face cover problem
1630-1700 Frances Rosamond An O*(2O(k)) FPT algorithm for the undirected feedback vertex set problem
1700-1730 Bill Jackson On the rank function of the 3-dimensional rigidity matroid

Saturday 9 July

0915-0945 Oliver Kullmann Hypergraph colouring and autarkies
0945-1015 Argimiro Arratia Second order proportional quantifiers, definability and computational complexity
1015-1045 Thomas Erlebach Primal-dual distributed algorithms for covering and facility location problems
1115-1145 Gregory Gutin Finding cheapest cycles in vertex-weighted quasi-transitive and extended semicomplete digraphs
1145-1215 Andreas Spillner A faster algorithm for the minimum weight triangulation problem with few inner points
1215-1245 Alexander Borovik Stratification of complexity of algorithmic problems in combinatorial group theory
1415-1515 Pavel Pudlák Quantum Deduction Rules
1515-1545 Christian Sloper Fixed parameter set splitting, linear kernel and improved running time
1615-1645 Prabhu Manyem Syntactic characterisations of polynomial-time optimisation classes
1645-1715 Alexei Vernitski List colouring as a model of computation

Sunday 10 July

0930-1000 Herbert Fleischner Maximum independent vertex sets in hamiltonian 4-regular graphs
1000-1030 M. V. Panduranga Rao Quantum Finite Automata and Weighted Automata
1030-1100 Anders Yeo Optimal on-line bin packing with two item sizes
1130-1200 Alexander Tiskin Efficient representation and parallel computation of string-substring longest common subsequences
1200-1300 Michael Fellows Fixed-parameter tractability is polynomial-time extremal structure theory
1415-1445 Paul Bonsma Spanning trees with many leaves in graphs with minimum degree three
1445-1515 Faisal N Abu Khzam Linear-time algorithms for problems on planar graphs of fixed disk dimension
1545-1615 Kathie Cameron Finding a minimum colouring or a Meyniel obstruction in any graph
1615-1645 Jan van den Heuvel The external network problem and the source location problem