Monday 18 September


1115-1120 Hajo Broersma Welcome to Durham
1120-1145 Michael Fellows Kernelization for Convex Recoloring
1145-1210 Fouad Chedid Parameterized Enumerability for the Database Theorist
1210-1235 Falk Hueffner Matrix Robustness, with an Application to Power System Observability

1400-1500 Berthold Vöcking Congestion Games: Optimization in Competition

1530-1555 Jan van den Heuvel On the Complexity of Ordered Colourings
1555-1620 Paidi Creed Sampling Eulerian Orientations of the Triangle
1620-1645 Hannes Moser Parameterized Complexity of Finding Regular Induced Subgraphs
1645-1710 Andriy Kharechko Parametric Polynomial Time Perceptron Rescaling Algorithm


Tuesday 19 September

0920-0945 Henning Fernau
Vertex and Edge Covers with Clustering Properties: Complexity and Algorithms
0945-1010 Igor Razgon A Faster Solving of the Maximum Independent Set Problem for Graphs with Maximal Degree 3
1010-1035 Gregg O'Malley Stable Marriage with Ties and Bounded Length Preference Lists
1035-1100 Daniel Marx A Parameterized View on Matroid Optimization Problems

1130-1230 Alexander Schrijver New Code Bounds with Algebra and Semidefinite Programming

1400-1425 Luis Cereceda Finding Paths Between Colourings
1425-1450 Jan Manuch Improved Approximation Algorithm for Scheduling Tasks with a Choice of Start Times
1450-1515 Walid Ben-Ameur On the Maximum Cut Problem
1515-1540 Vadim Zverovich The Computer System GRAPHOGRAPH

1610-1710 Jan Krajicek Proof Complexity Generators


Wednesday 20 September

0920-0945 Yoram Sussman A Delta-Wye-Delta Reduction for Planar Grid Graphs in Subquadratic Time
0945-1010 Allan Scott Short Pursuit-Evasion
1010-1035 Taoyang Wu
Extremal Sequence Theory

1100-1200 Detlef Seese Trees, Grids and Matroids: Observations on Logical Ways to Avoid Complexity