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Next seminar Seminars will begin again in the Autumn. More information here.

ACiD, Algorithms and Complexity in Durham, is a world-leading research group with research programmes involving many international collaborators. Theoretical Computer Science comprises the development of algorithmic techniques that efficiently exploit the power of modern computers, the study of the limits of computation and the ways in which we can cope with, and take advantage of, intractability, and the science of the unsolvable.

The group is broad-based with research foci including computational complexity, proof complexity, descriptive complexity, graph theory, exact algorithms, randomised algorithms, approximation algorithms, parameterized algorithms, finite model theory, constraint satisfaction, interconnection networks, universal algebra and mathematical logic.


Opportunities for Research Students To study for a PhD or MSc by Research in October 2017, please email us (or consult a member of the group). Ideas for research projects. Ideas for funding.

Symposium Our colleagues in Maths are organizing a meeting on Markov Processes, Mixing Times and Cutoff.

Congratulations to Tom Friedetzky on promotion to Associate Professor.

Talks Barnaby Martin gave the York Semigroups Seminar on 3 May discussing his work on generating sets for powers of finite algebras. He also gave the Séminaire ALGO at the Université de Caen Normandie on 23 May.

Success We congratulate Anthony Stewart on the outcome of his PhD viva.

Journal Iain Stewart has joined the Editorial Board of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A which was founded in 1660 and is the world's first scientific journal.

Book Andrei Krokhin and his collaborator Stanislav Zivny have edited an open-access volume of surveys on The Constraint Satisfaction Problem: Complexity and Approximability.

Invited Speaker In September, Daniel Paulusma will be talking at the Cycles and Colourings workshop in Slovakia.

Conference Iain Stewart is on the Programme Committee of I-SPAN 2017, the 14th International Symposium on Pervavise Systems, Algorithms, and Networks that takes place in Exeter in June.

Scotland In April, Max Gadouleau will be talking at the Scottish Combinatorics Meeting 2017.

Café Society Barnaby Martin will give an informal talk about his research at Cafe Scientifique Durham City.

Research Funding George Mertzios has been awarded an EPSRC grant for his project on Algorithmic Aspects of Temporal Graphs.

Off Again After a busy year with us, André Nichterlein returns whence he came (Berlin).

NODES Seminar Max Gadouleau is talking in Durham about Finite Dynamical Systems at a meeting of the recently-launched Northeast Organisation of DisreteE Structures (NODES), a newly-founded group of Mathematicians and Computer Scientists from Newcastle and Durham.

Invited Talk In December, Daniel Paulusma will speak at 100 Years of Matching Theory in Hungary.

Visit Barnaby Martin was invited by Oxford University's Algorithms and Complexity Theory Group to talk to them about his work on The Complexity of Quantified Constraints.

Congratulations to Ioannis Lignos on a successful PhD viva.

Sabbatical We welcome Cédric Gerot from Grenoble Alpes Univeristy who will spend 2016-17 with us as a research visitor.

Welcome Back to Rob Powell who rejoins the School as a Teaching Fellow after recently completing his PhD with us.

Prizewinner Congratulations to André Nichterlein for winning Best Presentation at the School's Research Day 2016 for his talk Parameterized algorithms: only for NP-hard problems?

Record Breakers Daniel Paulusma and undergraduate student David Allison have found new lower bounds for the famous Snake-In-The-Box problem (finding longest induced paths in hypercubes). See their paper or their position in the pantheon.

Higginson Lecture On 16 November, the School welcomes Rob Pieké to deliver this annual prestigious lecture.

New Doctorate Congratulations to Nihan Tokac on the successful outcome of her PhD viva.

New Lecturer We welcome back Barnaby Martin to our group. Barnaby joins us from Middlesex University. His research is in computational and proof complexity, logic, constraint satisfaction and SAT solving.

Grant Daniel Paulusma (PI) and Matthew Johnson (CI) have been awarded a grant by the Leverhulme Trust to support their work on graph colouring algorithms.

Graph Theory Workshop The group are hosting Algebraic, Topological and Complexity Aspects of Graphs Cover 2017 in January. See the meeting's website for further details.

Congratulations to Max Gadouleau and Matthew Johnson on promotion to Senior Lecturer.

Success Congratulations to Carl Feghali on the outcome of his PhD viva. In the Autumn, Carl will take up a postdoctoral position with the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris.

Moving On We bid farewell to Alonso Castillo-Ramirez who leaves us for the University of Guadalajara.

Congratulations to Sepehr Meshkinfamfard on the achievement of passing his PhD.

New Postdoc André Nichterlein joins ACiD from Technische Universität Berlin to work with George Mertzios.

Well done to Foad Lotfifar on the successful outcome of his PhD viva.

Elected Congratulations to Iain Stewart on his election as Programme Secretary of the London Mathematical Society.

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