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DYN - Tables of Contents from 1972-1995

DYN Volume I 1970

DYN Volume II 1972

DYN Volume III 1975

DYN Volume IV 1977

DYN Volume V 1979

DYN Volume VI 1981

DYN Volume VII 1983

DYN Volume VIII 1985

DYN Volume IX 1987

DYN Volume X 1991

DYN Volume XI 1995

DYN Volume I 1970

Editorial v

Don Tills

Blood Groups in the Middle East 1-24

William Sargant

Witch Doctoring, Zar and Voodoo: Their Relation to Modern Psychiatric Treatments 25-38

Bernard Towers

The 'Naked Ape's' Place in Nature 39-56

A. T. Sandison

Paleo-erotology: Sexual Behaviour in Ancient Societies 57-66

John Blacking

Deep and Surface Structures in Venda Music 67-98

E. E. Evans-Pritchard

Some Reflections on Mysticism 99-116

Some Notes on the Contributors 117



DYN Volume II 1972

Editorial iii

C.F. Kücheman and G.A. Harrison

Historical Demography in-Relation to Human Biology 1-22

D.J. Marsden

Spirit Possession on the Persian Gulf 23-42

Frederick S. Hulse

Has Mankind a Future? 43-53

Paul Sillitoe

Stallo Marriage and Qagsse Incest 54-69

John Mitchell

A Review of the Literature Concerning Postulated Associations Between Phenylthiocarabamide (P.C.T.) Tasting and Clinical Conditions with Special Reference to Thyroid Disease and Glaucoma 70-81

N. Pearson

Lévi-Strauss and the Surrealists 82-101

Some Notes on the Contributors 102



DYN Volume III 1975

Editorial iii

Paul Sillitoe

Primitive Ecstatic Religion: A Lesson in Religious Interpretation 1-12

Donald M. MacKay

Brain and Will: My Fault or My Glands? 13-18

Norman Long

Intermediaries and Brokers in Highland Peru 19-28

Colin Groves

The Apes 29-36

William D. Wilder

Kinship in Southeast Asia: A Comparison of Four Systems 37-70

Douglas J. Davies

Frank Byron Jevons and the Notion of Primitive Mentality 71-78

Book Reviews 79-84

Some Notes on the Contributors 85



DYN Volume IV 1977

Editorial iii

Roger Dennis

Dermatoglyphic Studies 1-60

Sian Evans, P.W. Glover, R. Johns & M. Knight

Changes in P.T.C. Tasting Thresholds at Puberty 61-76

Susan Jeffery

Cargoes and "Obstacles" - The Nature of "Commodity Participation" in a Mexican Village 77-92

Lucy Mair

The Organisation of African Kingdoms 93-98

Book Reviews 99-102

Some Notes on the Contributors


DYN Volume V 1979

Editorial iii

Paul Sillitoe B.A., M..A. (Dunelm), Ph.D. (Cantab)

Labrador Eskimo Society 1

Professor A. Valls M.Sc. (Madrid), Ph.D. (Paris)

Some Bio-anthropological Studies in Spain 39

Malcolm Young B.A. (Dunelm)

Symbolic Aspects of the Language of Cannabis 48

Roger Dennis B.A. Ph.D. (Dunelm) & Robert Williams B.Sc. (Wales), M.Sc. (Birmingham), Ph.D. (Dunelm)

Edge Linkage Clustering and Derivatives: A Regionalization Technique for the Human Biological Spatial Studies Based on Marriage Ties 81

Alexander Lopasic D.Phil (Vienna)

Feud in the Mediterranean 107


DYN Volume VI 1981

Editorial iii

C.J.M.R. Gullick (University of Durham)

Pilgrimage, Cults anbd Holy Places. Carib Religious Places: Some Anthropological Visions 1

Barbara L. Hudson (University of Durham)

The Importance of Genetic Variability in the Aetiology of Cancer 14

Wendy Boothroyd (Huddersfield Polytechnic)

Family Size and Birth Order of Students at a Northern Polytechnic 29

R.J. Mitchell and Joanne Woodgate (La Trobe University, Melbourne)

Seasonality of Birth: A Review and New Data from Rural Tasmania in the Nineteenth Century 36

P.J. Dixon (University of Durham)

There is no God: God the Creator and Social Change 55

Book Review 83


DYN Volume VII 1983

Editorial iii

W.D.Wilder (University of Durham)

Reflections in a Gene Pool: The `New' Science of Sociobiology 1

P.S. Gill, E. Sunderland & V. Woolley (University of Durham)

ABO Blood Groups, ABH Secretion, Colour Blindness and PTC Taste Thresholds in the Lowland Rajputs of the Punjab 15

Paul Heelas (University of Lancaster)

Psychological Institutions: Variations in Psychotherapeutic Techniques 26

Robert Fowly (University of Durham)

An Ordinary Primate: A Community Ecology Approach to Human Evolution 58

C.J.M.R. Gullick (University of Durham)

The Design and Initial Analyses of an Ethnohistorical Project of West Indians and Maltese Migration 84


DYN Volume VIII 1985

Editorial iii

G.H. Manley (University of Durham)

Primates and predators: The exampleof Presbytis senex 1-17

C.J.M.R. Gullick (University of Durham)

Schemes, serendipity and syntheses: towards a holistic anthropology 18-29

F. Papioanou-Stathaki (University of Durham)

The problem of culture and the place of dialectical interpretations 30-48

Joan G. Smith (University of Surrey)

The Genetic Implications of marriage partner choice: A study in South Wales 49-70

V. Fuster (University of Madrid)

Extramarital reproduction and family size in a Spanish rural community 80-89

R.L.H. Dennis (The Manchester Grammar School)

Varimax orthogonal and oblique factor derivatives of principal component structures specific to the digital dermal complex 90-126

M.T. Smith (University of Durham)

Anglican parich registers and the measurement of migration in historical populations 127-145


DYN Volume IX 1987

Editor's Introduction iii-v

Paul Sillitoe (University of Durham)

Why Should Anthropologists Study Material Culture? 1-17

C.J.M.R. Gullick (University of Durham)

Development of Suppression? The role of the church and State in the production of basketry in St. Vincent and fireworks in Malta 18-30

G.H.Manley (University of Durham)

Marquesian tiki-headed pounders 31-45

William Wilder (University of Durham)

Notes on two Malay daggers 46-58

N. Dykes (University of Durham)

Social and psychological issues in art and design 59-79


DYN Volume X 1991

Douglas Caulkins (Grinnell College, Grinnell IA USA)

Mapping Diversity in Organisational Cultures 1-21

C.J.M.R. Gullick (University of Durham)

Expatriate Missionaries and Local Politics in St. Vincent 22-38

Isabel Wollaston (Sir James Knott Fellow, Newcastle-upon-Tyne))

The Impact of the Holocaust upon Polish Jewry 39-47

Paul Sillitoe (University of Durham)

Land in the New Guinea Highlands: An Essay in Ethnoscience 48-79

Miriam Stark (University of Arizona, Tuscon, Arizona)

Transforming the Kalinga Immoso: An Ethnoarchaeological Perspective on Causes Behind Ceramic Change 80-91

W.D. Wilder (University of Durham)

Review of Paul Taylor, the Folk Biology of the Tobelo People (Smithsonian, 1990) 92-945


DYN Volume XI 1995

Luciana J. Lussu

The Significance of Doba within Trobriand Society 1-21

Jian-Ling Su

Ethnology in China 22-31

Robert Layton (University of Durham)

Australian Aboriginal Town Camps: Structure, Serendipity or Subordination? 32-56

C.J.M.R. Gullick (University of Durham)

Songs of the Banana Man: The Politics of Justification and the Politics of Exchange 57-80

Book Review 81-84