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Volume 13 / Issue 1 - Epiphany 2005

Special Issue of the University of Durham Anthropology Postgraduate Conference, 24 April 2004

Guest Editorial

Guest Editors: Rob Aspden and Adam R. Kaul

Anthropology as a Discipline

Robert H. Layton

Indifference and Political Parties

Vasco S. C. Fernandes

Risk and Trust in Vaccine Decision Making

Rachel Casiday

The Anglo-Saxon Influence on Romano-Britain: Research Past and Present

Charlotte Russell

Investing in infants: Applying the biological market to the interest in other's offspring

Rob Aspden


These posters are available as PDF downloads only. The size of each file is in brackets after the title.

An Ethnography of Four Pentecostal Congregations in the North East of England (460 KB)

Helen Cookson

Genetic diversity and population genetic structure in the South American sea lion (Otaria flavescens) (512 KB)

S. Frielich, A. R. Hoelzel, S. R. Choudhury

Abstracts of additional papers

T. Buck, The origins of the Island Melanesians: a geometric morphometric perspective

E. Heslop, The first night- bedding-in and rooming-in on the post-natal ward: breast-feeding initiation

N. Iqbal, Conceiving persons among British Pakistanis living in North East England

A. Kaul, The Irrelevance of Incomers, History, and the Commercialisation of `Tradition' in Context of the Irish Pub Session

S. Leech, Parent Infant Sleep Synchrony may provide an indication of the role of parents in creating a safe social sleeping environment for their infant

J. Panther, Woolgone Local Exchange Trading System, a co-operative success?

S. Stevens, A geometric morphometric analysis of the knee joint in modern humans and great apes

E. Willems, Understanding the habitat specific social organisation of vervet monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops)

G. Wren, Coming of age on Teeside: An anthropological study of students at Queen's Campus, University of Durham

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