Durham Anthropology Journal
Volume 13(2) ISSN 1742-2930
Copyright © 2005, Department of Anthropology, University of Durham. Individual article copyright is retained by the authors.

Durham Anthropology Journal (Formerly Dyn)

Volume 13 - Summer Issue

The Road to Spiritism

Maria Enedina Lima Bezerra

University of Fortaleza-UNIFOR, Brazil

Higher Status Behaviour and Status Ambiguity: A Discussion of Exaggerated Higher Status Identity at Oxford University

Edward Croft Dutton

Aberdeen University

The Role Of Section H At The British Association For The Advancement Of Science In The History Of Anthropology

Paul Sillitoe

University of Durham

The articles by Cooper and Narapruet were initially submitted as final year dissertations for their respective degrees (BA Human Sciences and BSc Health and Human Sciences).

A Rite of Involvement?: Men's transition to fatherhood

Sue Cooper

University of Durham

Freedom from the Cage: A Second Chance for Mental Health Care in the Czech Republic? - Winner of the David Brookes' Memorial Prize 2005

Oranutt Narapruet

University of Durham

Conference reviews

Rhetoric? Culture? Rhetoric Culture! A Report

Michael Carrithers

University of Durham

Building Alliances, Blurring Boundaries: Pakistan Workshop 2005 Rook How, Lake District, 6-8 May

Mwenza Blell

Book Reviews

Widlok, Thomas, and Wolde Gossa Tadesse, eds. Property and Equality, Vol. 2: Encapsulation, Commercialisation, Discrimination. New York, Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2005. x + 266 pp. figures, tables, references, index $75.00/£45.00.

Book Review by Mwenza Blell

University of Durham

Bouquet, M. and Porto, N. (eds.) 2005. Science, Magic and Religion: The ritual processes of museum magic

Book Review by Hannah Rumble

University of Durham

Handelman, Don and Lindquist, Galina. 2004. (ed) Ritual in its own right. Oxford: Berghahn Books

Book Review by Helen Cookson

University of Durham