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Special Edition: RAI’s First Annual Postgraduate Conference 2011

General Editor: Claudia Merli


General Editor's Note

Claudia Merli, Durham University

Guest Editorial: RAI’s First Annual Postgraduate Conference, September 20, 2011, Department of Anthropology, Durham University

Muhammad Aurang Zeb Mughal, Durham University

A single broken thread: Integrity, trust and accountability in Asian ethics review committees

Rachel Douglas-Jones, Durham University

“Swept under the rug”: Illness experiences of HIV-positive women in North London

Caitlin O’Grady, University College London

Preserving Niyamgiri: An exploration of the fight to save a sacred mountain in ‘bubbling’ Orissa, India

Amy Hannington, University of Bristol

Making home away from home: A case-study of archival research of the Nanyang Emigration in China

Shuhua Chen, University of St Andrews

Narrative beside the pitch: An ethnography of Thebans Rugby Football Club

Bowen Wei, University of Edinburgh


Ways of being: Ideas of maleness and femaleness in a Port Moresby Settlement

Fiona Hukula, University of St Andrews


Varieties of openness and types of digital anthropology: Avoiding confusion in discussing Danny Miller

David Zeitlyn, Oxford University and Stephen M. Lyon, Durham University


Alexiades, Miguel N. ed. 2009. Mobility and migration in indigenous Amazonia: Contemporary ethnoecological perspectives. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Reviewed by Sidra Khalid, Durham University

Lokensgard, Kenneth Hayes. 2010. Blackfoot religion and the consequences of cultural commoditization.Surrey and Burlington: Ashgate Publishing

Reviewed by Dori Beeler, Durham University

Goddard, Michael, 2011. Out of place: Madness in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. New York and Oxford: Berghahn. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books.

Reviewed by Michele Fontefrancesco, Durham University

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Volume 18 - 2012  Number 2 (Special Edition)

Guest Editor: Muhammad Aurang Zeb Mughal