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Written by Jamie Allen   
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 21:47

Astrosoc Christmas Meal - Court In - Thursday 8th December 2011

This year AstroSoc Had Christmas meal at the Court Inn. It will be on Thurs, 8th Dec at 7pm! The theme was simply 'Christmas'. So there were  crackers, tinsel and of course the good old Christmas dinner.

Alien invasion! - 27th october 2011

Fancy dress themed alien invasion halloween party. Featuring an Astronomical quiz, wrap the mummy and a piñata

Don't Panic! - 6th November 2009

With Marvin, Ford Prefect, a mouse and even a guest appearance by the Guide itself, AstroSoc's latest social paid homage to the great Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"! Once everyone was reminded not to forget the "most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have" (their towel), the event kicked off at Kinsgate Bar, with all manner of galactic entities arriving in style. Some costumes were simply amazing, whereas others had clearly put much less effort in; the latter being awarded the embarrasing Anti-Social prize of a book on Astrology! It was impossible to choose a winner, so the prizes of solar system stationary and a real space pen were shared. The winners were: Charlotte the stunningly designed and made Galaxy Bar and Adam aka Zaphod-with-the-cool-hair-Beeblebrox! So everyone, please remember the best advice in the Universe, and "Don't Panic!"
Don't Panic


Summer Picnic: "Strawberries &.. Sweets" - 16th June 2009

Summer Picnic On a rather sunny 16th June, the annual summer event took place in the shape of a picnic. The Brass' tarp was unfurled and following tradition the theme was strawberries and sweets, with all manner of sweets available from cakes to a pick 'n' mix. It was found that AstroSoc, as a whole, are not the best at Frisbee (not mentioning names), and that hats do not make adequate replacements for lost Frisbees (Simon!). Charlotte arrived and most people stayed to give the recently repaired shed a much needed new lick of paint. All in all a fun afternoon was enjoyed, even if only for all the free food and occasional intelligent conversation.


The AstroSoc Messier Social Marathon! - 2009

Who says you have to have clear skies for a Messier Marathon? All you need is a selection of hyperactive astronomers and a lot of little Messier objects(110 to be precise) hidden in college bars! This astronomical treasure hunt saw AstroSoc members running all around Durham, trying to find little Messier objects before anyone else, causing much hilarity. Even though some colleges weren't reached (who knows, little M31 could still be sitting in Van Mildert bar, waiting to be discovered), everyone found enough mini-Messiers to guarantee a good night all round. Messier Social Marathon


The Mad Hatters Astro Jamboree! - 7th November 2008

Mad Hatters Astro Jamboree
As a wise woman once said: "We owe a lot to our hats for keeping the heat in while we're out in the cold, cold fields of Durham gazing up at the sky." So, by way of thanks, the first social of the year was the Mad Hatters Astro Jamboree; a Hill Bar Crawl complete with homemade astronomical headwear. There were some very unique, imaginative and downright weird designs, all of which are showcased in the Social Gallery.


Summer Picnic: "Strawberries &... Cheese!?" - 10th June 2008

Continuing with the theme of previous years, our annual summer BBQ was once again a huge success. There was plenty to be seen and eaten, ranging from our now-mandatory burgers and hot dogs to a wide selection of cheeses, cheesecake, crisps, chocolates as well as a healthy option of salad; mmmm. Fortunately, we were blessed with wonderful hot and sunny weather to the delight of all, so it did not matter to the least bit that our usual big telescope cover used for sitting on was already occupied this year by a nesting blackbird. Our social was also the scene for a quick EGM, seeing the election of our new Social Secretary and second Obs Officer, Kate Dutson and Richard Hornby respectively; congratulations! Highlights of the afternoon included President Danny proving anything goes with whipped cream (oh yeah!), Astrophotographer Andy bribing dogs with leftover sausages, and the lookout for the mysterious alien cloning factory (no comment)... Those with the inclination had a chance to play Frisbee and try out some kite flying, to prove there's more to being an astronomer than stargazing! Strawberries & Cheese

Constallation Carnival - February 2008

Another successful social saw a Lion, a Goat and a Water Carrier, amongst many other constellations of the sky. It was wonderful to see all the effort that was put into some of the costumes by our keener members, which was rewarded by bottles of Soap Bubbles. A lot of mayhem followed, including the trashing of all the following college bars we visited with streamers. Luckily they were all almost empty, and we soon settled down in Chad's, due to the superior comfort of their beany chairs. All in all it was a fun and laid-back social to relieve all the work of the past weeks.


The Planets Bar Crawl - 2nd November 2007

Stars, planets, and - bouncy balls?!
Our first social of the new academic year blasted off with an excellent turnout and fantastic atmosphere. We whizzed though the solar system near the speed of light to visit each planet in turn - I mean college bar. We encountered various alien life forms and tried new alien drinks (and learnt never to have Zombie Jello again), whilst attempting to complete the 'Planets Challenge'. Those who came all had a smashing time, and those who didn't, really missed out!


Summer Picnic and Barbecue: "Strawberries &.. Chocolate" - 23th June 2007

Our annual summer BBQ saw the return of our tradition of having a strawberry related picnic theme. To the delight of everyone, there was plenty to be seen and eaten: burgers, hotdogs, cake, Allen's strange vegetables and of course strawberries and chocolate! Our enthusiastic group wasn't put off by the bad weather and we all had a good time, despite having to seek the refuge of our umbrellas because of the drizzle. After much merriment, some of our group decided to opt for the warmth of their homes and other commitments (Dr. Who), while those who stayed had the fun of spraying Andy with whipped cream.


The Adventures of Starship Astro Bar Crawl - 12th June 2007

Our enthusiastic members gathered at the Kingsgate space-station, where we formed a crew, after demonstrating our eloquence, leadership and dancing skills. In a frantic frenzy of phaser fire, star-trek uniforms, stickers, a paper flower and a salvaged Roman helmet, our starship flew from bar to bar in the attempt to discover intelligent life and to boldly drink where no man has drunk before.

From the start we were certain that an impostor was on board, and along the way this was verified by the brutal murder of our pilot and security officer (although the latter didn't even notice). Luckily our brave captain survived the assault and although the ship was taken over by a fugitive, the crew somehow managed to get safely back home, where it was revealed that the killer was none other than the friendly weapon trader (a.k.a. our president) who was bribing the crew with stickers all along - although no-one knew what they meant.
Entertainment was provided by the ship's dancing girl, whose performances were the highlight of the evening.
The there was much fun that lasted till late in the evening, and was hopefully a good taster of the events yet to come.


Summer Picnic and Barbecue - 8th June 2006

Summer Picnic and Barbecue Poster 2006

"I love the smell of burnt sausages in the evening. It's the smell of...Mike cooking"

This years summer celebration was definitely one to remember. The sun shone, the frisbee's flew (often into people's food), the alcohol accumulated and we were treated to an epic picnic and barbecue.

There was an excellent turnout, and the sound of merriment soon drowned out anything Avril Lavigne had to offer. Some people learnt to throw a frisbee whilst holding a can of beer, there were attempts at whack-a-bat and the midge's had a feast day on the bare arms and legs that had come out in response to the beautiful weather.

As the evening wore on, and Mike got closer and closer to "his bottle", Julie threw an impromptu strip show. After that there was really nothing much more that could be done or said so we divided the spoils of war between us and headed for the more civilised surroundings of Ustinov and Kingsgate, finally rolling back at about 2 in the morning.

Overall a great 10 hours of fun and games!

My thanks go to Jayne and Julie for food organisation and preparation, to Steve and Joe for the panda poster, to Mike who showed true flair in our little outdoor kitchen and to everyone who came along and made it such a good event.


Meal - 20th February 2006

Obviously being the classy society that we are, and having already been to the all-you-can-eat Chinese, this time we headed for Pizza Hut. Ok, so it was the backup plan - the bowling alley closed down with no notice...not our fault! Despite the last minute change of location lots of laughs, fun and enjoyment still featured and a feast fit for several kings was consumed and we even had a civilised drink afterwards (civilised, yes I know :-o)


Meal - 9th December 2005

Never in need for an excuse to hold a social we thought that Christmas was a pretty good one. So did we have a traditional dinner of turkey or goose....no, we went to the all you can eat Chinese; several hours and many plates later we emerged, fully filled and raring to go. As in line with any other event a trip to college bars followed to top off a wonderfully civilised evening.


Bar Crawl - November 2005

The first bar crawl of the new year and what a night it turned out to be...with facepaints (and sticky stars of course!) for fun and the challenge of spelling out the word ASTROSOC with the drinks, lets hope the freshers were attracted to rather than scared away from future events!


Summer Picnic - 2005

The traditional summer event comes but once a year, and for once we managed to pick a traditionally warm summer evening to hold the less traditional of picnics (a little to much alcohol perhaps???) With the additon of apple lace races and Pringle pot lid frisbee much fun was had by all.


Bar Crawl and Planet of Sound - June 2005

Despite the obvious AstroSoc/Planet link (the name!), this was the first Astro trip to POS and what a night it turned out to be - from a busy bailey bar crawl to Planet itself. And for those of you foolish enough not to last the distance, yes, eventually we did manage to get Jayne down to only that skimpy bikini top! ;-)


Bowling Trip - 2004

It was the first time we'd done this as a society, but I hope we've started a tradition. The venue was Durham's sole bowling arena. Much fun was had by all, naturally, with Allen, myself, Neil and Jamie showing off with top scores over the night. Everyone else put up a good fight and all was forgotten once we went to the bar and drowned our sorrows.


College Bar Crawl - 2004

The challenge, visit every college bar in one night and buy a drink at every one. Did we make it? Nah. Did we have a good time trying, oh yes!


Astrosoc BBQ (The Punch Strikes Back) - 2004

The tradition continues, not even the mightiest of downpours could dampen our spirits (ok, vodka). Maybe I'm getting a little too keen when it comes to the mystic punch but, with the addition of a few extra bottles of wine, it's a force to be reckoned with...


Summer Picnic: "Strawberries &.. Wine" - June 2003

To celebrate the end of the exams it has become traditional to have a strawberry related social. For 2002 there was Champagne and Strawberries and in 2003 it was Wine and Strawberries. The highlight was, naturally, Antonia's dubious punch. She absolutely refused to give us the ingredients, but foolishly we drank it anyway!
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