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Written by Simon Armstrong   
Friday, 09 October 2009 21:56

Our observing sessions take place on a regular basis and if scheduled they are listed below. All sessions commence outside the Physics Department at the time stated. An e-mail will usually be sent out notifying you of upcoming sessions but because they are weather dependent there will be times when only a few hours notice can be given. If a session is clouded off a replacement social will usually take place (if possible!).

Our Observing sessions usually take place in The Field - Need directions?

You can read our past observing sessions in the Obs Log, where each entry details the targets seen and includes sketches and photographs where available. You can also read our Members' Obs Logs, written by any member who had a good night's observing themselves, or saw something worth writing about

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Observations Sessions

This is an explanation of the different types of Obs Session.

Normal Obs These sessions take place on a Saturday evening and are led by one or more of the Obs Officers. If the session is clouded we'll head to a college bar. During the Easter term, we visit a bar first and wait for the sun to set and for the skies to get dark enough for astronomy.
Cloudless Obs These sessions are scheduled during the week at the discretion of the Obs Officers. They aim to be more flexible to make good use of any promising weather and as such you will need to check the website for regular updates on whether they are to go ahead or not. Significant cloud cover two hours before a session with little sign of clearing will result in cancellation.
Special Obs These sessions can take place anytime during the week if it is felt that the sky is particularly clear or an astronomical event is going to be observable. Anyone can suggest targets for these sessions and the telescopes will be available for training.
Morning Obs These sessions take place before dawn on any particular day. They are called if there is an astronomical event that can only be observed at that time or to see how the skies look at a different time of the year (for example the stars of summer are high in the dawn sky during late winter).
Astrophotography Obs These sessions are organised by our Astrophotographer Sam, where the aim will be to capture images of the universe using the Society's digital camera.
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