Helping others with Enactus Durham

Enactus Durham and the Durham University Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre have had a great relationship over the years, working together to ensure that student social entrepreneurs have a big impact on disadvantaged people both locally and abroad.

Enactus Durham was set up in 2012 to create innovative projects which utilise the power of entrepreneurial action to improve and empower lives. The organisation has been a great success helping thousands of people in many ways, from providing solar lights to slum dwellers in Kenya who otherwise would use harmful kerosene lamps, to protecting villages from deadly landslides in Uganda.


Enactus would have not been as successful without the help from the Durham University Careers Centre. It has been instrumental in attracting ambitious students to join Enactus through the marketing and raising of awareness of the organisation on campus and this year we have doubled the size of our members to over 40. These students have gone to learn many important skills useful for future employment whilst working in the wide range of roles Enactus has to offer.

Not only has the Careers Centre been vital in helping to attract and help support Enactus members, the business support it has offered has been important for the success of our social enterprise projects. They have offered great advice for the projects to ensure that they are as impactful as possible and this year Enactus Durham will have three international projects all making a significant amount of impact. We will be presenting these projects at the Enactus National Competitions, where we will represent Durham University and compete against other UK university teams. The winner of nationals goes to the Enactus World Cup, which this year will be held in Toronto.

In 2014, we finished 3rd nationally, a tremendous achievement with a team of only 18 people. This year we have a larger team and look forward to creating the best presentation possible to show off our success from the year.

Now that Enactus Durham has become a Durham Student Organisation the organisation has grown from strength to strength and I believe that as we grow the relationship between the Careers Centre and Enactus will remain as strong as ever. This will ensure that many disadvantaged people are helped and that Durham students gain important experience for their lives beyond Durham.

Written by Benedict O’Donovan, Enactus Durham

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