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Playing for the Prince

  I was informed of the wonderful news of the royal visit last summer, which was months before the official announcement, along with just a few of my peers. Whilst we were of course very thrilled, it was very tough not being able to share the news with anyone else! Being aware of the identity of our VIP made me look forward to the...


Royal visit Durham

I happen to come from a family that LOVES the royals. We love the tradition, the pomp and ceremony, and the pageantry. We are those nutters you see on telly who, instead of having their public holiday relaxing at home, are on the first train to London to go and sit on the Mall, decked out in red, white and blue. We were there at Kate and Wills’...

DULOG bring Dr Seuss to Durham!

Suess Durham DULOG students

Seussical, the Broadway and West End musical, is a show based on the magical tales of Dr Seuss. It features the world-renowned characters in a brand-new story, using Dr Seuss’s infamous signature style. DULOG (Durham University Light Opera Group) has chosen to take on Seussical as the Gala production; the biggest show of the year in Durham...