A day in the life of a Geography student

8:20 am – Breakfast

At this point in time, food and lectures dictate much of my schedule. Today I have a lecture at 9 am, so I make sure to be down and ready for breakfast by 8:20 am. All of the buildings in my college (Trevelyan) are linked – giving it a very homely atmosphere, you can even stay in your pyjamas for breakfast if you want!

9:00 am – Lecture

Together with my fellow Trev’s Geographers, we walk down to the science site for our morning lecture. The walk takes around 8 minutes and is one of the shortest walks from any college! Lectures last around 50 minutes and serve as a springboard to inspire us to read further into the topic discussed (past topics include oceanic circulation patterns, cities and war, and the atmosphere).

Working in the library

10:00 am – Trevelyan Library

We are very fortunate at Trevelyan College to have our own small library attached to the main building. I often come here after lectures to write up notes and do extra preparation for lectures later in the day. This is also a pyjama friendly zone and is open 24/7 for any all-nighters that you may need.

12:00 am – Lunch at College

Lunch at Trevs is great as there are always 3 or more options to choose from. My favourites include fish and chips on a Friday and pizza on a Thursday. I often find myself spending over an hour here during the lunchtime rush, chatting with friends and meeting new ones!

2:00 pm – Tutorial

Today I have a tutorial for my Human Geography module. The tutorial serves as a small-scale meeting with 8 or so undergraduate students and one postgraduate researcher. Today we discussed possible ways to approach a recent essay assignment regarding the Middle East.

6:00 pm – Dinner

Singing practice

Dinner at Trevelyan is served from 5:15 pm. Although relatively early, this has become completely normal for everyone here. Much like lunch I and others can typically spend over an hour here. The desserts are too fabulous to rush!!

8:00 pm – Musical Rehearsal

There are many extra-curricular activities to get involved with at Trevelyan College. Right now some of my evenings are occupied by rehearsals for our College Musical, this year we are performing the musical Sweet Charity. We meet twice weekly to rehearse songs, monologues, and dance numbers. Hopefully, I can hone my solo come February.

11:00 pm – Bedtime

In an ideal world I would love to get to bed by 11 pm… unfortunately, work, social media, and TV get in the way. But hey, it’s all about striking that work play balance, right?

Daniel Thomas

Daniel Thomas

Hi, I’m Daniel and I am a first year BSc Geography Undergraduate at Trevelyan College. Outside of my studies, I enjoy cheerleading for my college and being a member of our social committee. My other passions include design, travel, and singing!
Daniel Thomas

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