A day in the life of a Politics and History student

Hello there! I’m Helen fresher from St. Mary’s College here in Durham doing Politics & History with Foundation. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions these past few weeks with university life!

Everything started with something you might have heard of before – “FRESHER’S WEEK”! Yes, that week full of activities; new people, parties, induction lectures, fresher’s fairs and so much more.

Freshers week

Moving on from that week full of emotions, it was time to arrive at our actual purpose, studying, which most of us forget now and then, but it’s the key part of our journey. When I started my lectures and seminars, there was so much going on but with time I got the handle of it. Everything is about getting organised, there’s so much to get involved in here, we must make the most of our time here and that’s why I joined EVERYTHING I COULD!

My typical day would be:

8.30AM – Getting up.

9.00AM- Breakfast (If I make it!)

9.30AM – Start walking since my lectures are quite far from my college for the foundation year.

10.00AM Arrive at Education for my lecture.

13.00PM Have lunch in college with my friends.

College sports team

14.00PM Rowing session

16.00PM Football Training

17-30PM Have dinner at college.

18.00PM Reading and studying.

19.00PM Watching Netflix (The Crown) with my corridor friends.

20.30PM Work at my college Toastie Bar

So as you can see there’s a bit of everything in my day. That’s my typical Wednesday and I love it, the Durham experience has so much to offer in terms of a different range of areas to develop as an individual. I just love the fact that I can try many sports at college level and if I want to be very serious I can try out for the University team.


Helen Paton

Helen Paton

Hello there readers!

I'm a first year politics and international relations student at St.Mary's College. As a fact I'm half Scottish and half Chilean. Durham is a lovely place to study and it has a quite intangible feeling attached to it. I've been really enjoying my time here by getting involved a lot of different things; from sports to purple radio or the college JCR. Follow this blog for more vlogs and university adventures.
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