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So Theresa May has called for a ‘snap’ General Election on 8 June 2017. While unexpected, I really believe that his election represents an immediate opportunity for students to have a say. There are certainly a lot of big ticket items for government at the moment! How the country is run, what BREXIT will look like and how public services for students and young people will be shaped.

Have your say

vote electionWhether you’re heavily involved in student issues, or you just want to get through your degree in one piece, I really would encourage all students to make sure they’re registered to vote by 22 May. There are massive changes both in higher education and more broadly, for me, I really hope that as many people as possible can look back on this and know they made the most of the privilege to have a say about who leads us through them.

Students have the power to swing the vote in constituencies across the UK, so please don’t just shrug your shoulders and think ‘my vote won’t make a difference’! Every election matters! Elections aren’t simply about who is Prime Minister… when voters don’t turn out to choose their local MP they receive a Government that doesn’t represent them.

vote electionWho is registered and who votes really matters.

Research has found that just 55% of people aged 18-24 are registered to vote, compared to 90% of over 65s. This means that politicians and governments can prioritise older generations and marginalise the needs, views and experiences of young people. At such an significant moment in history – with BREXIT on the horizon, public services in flux, and the question of Scotland’s constitutional future looming large – students and young people need to be on the agenda in the General Election on Thursday 8 June.

You can register to vote online until 22 May.

Alice Dee

Alice Dee

Alice Dee is the President of Durham Student’s Union, former President of St Aidan’s College and a biology graduate. You can follow her on Twitter @DurhamSUpres.
Alice Dee

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