Andrew Landsbury:

Business Award and Overall Winner




Evo Ed


(Evolved Education) is developing a website to allow private tuition to occur online. The site will connect tutors and students using one-to-one video chat and a shared whiteboard with integrated tutoring resources. Andy received a PhD in 2011 in Biological Sciences and was a member of Collingwood College.



Linda Hui Yang:

Runner up





Develop Global Ltd


Develop Global Ltd is a private training company located in Durham, U.K. The company is headed by Dr Linda Hui Yang. It is the first and only company providing professional intercultural training and consultancy to Chinese students in UK universities, helping them maximize their academic results by identifying and overcoming specific cultural challenges. Linda recently received a PhD in Education and was a member of Ustinov College.


Joe Smith and Philip Naylor

Science Winner





Glow Products Ltd


Glow Products Ltd. Joe Smith and Philip Naylor are the founders of Glow Products Ltd. They both graduated from Durham with engineering degrees in 2011 and were both members of Hild-Bede College. Together they have invented and developed a potentially patentable cycling safety product. They plan to secure international patent protection on the product, demonstrate sales and sell the rights to the product to a large distributor.


Freya McIvor:

Creativity and Design Winner





The Stash Company


"The Stash is an innovative online brand aimed at students, from schools through to universities, which provides sports teams, clubs and societies with a comprehensive online solution for the creation, ordering and fulfilment of personalised apparel. The system also empowers users to establish their own affiliate web stores and profit from future sales of their apparel designs. Freya is a first-year undergraduate studying Ancient History and is a member of Grey College.



Amy Mycock, Julian Godfrey, Valentina Vulpi & Fiona Jennifer

Social Enterprise Winner



Fruitful Durham


Fruitful Durham will increase local fruit consumption and decrease fruit importation by creating products harvested from surplus, wild and privately owned fruit trees. They will provide plant and tree maintenance, propagate and plant new trees and bushes, and are working to access pockets of disused land to turn into community orchards. Amy is studying for a Masters degree in Anthropology and is at St Chad's College.



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