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Boguslaw presented research on a use of image processing and machine learning to fights against the illicit traffic of antiquities to the UNESCO, ICOM, INTERPOL, BRITHISH COUNCIL, ARCADIA, French and Italian Police, and government members from Libya and Tunisia at  the UNESCO Headquarter in Paris.

Paper in ICCS 2018!

March 21st, 2018

“A Conceptual Framework for Social Movements Analytics for National Security” paper byP. Cardenas, G. Theodoropoulos, B. Obara, and I. Kureshi has got accepted to the International Conference on Computational Science. Wuxi, China, 2018.



February 15th, 2018

We are looking for a postdoc with a strong interest in image recognition using deep learning to join the lab in Oct, 2018!

Essential Skills:

  • A PhD in Computer Science, Applied Machine Learning, Image Processing, Mathematics, Physics.
  • Understanding and experience in: Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Image Processing, Unsupervised Learning, Artificial Intelligence.
  • Python programming skills, with knowledge of CUDA, OpenCL, high-level GPGPU computing.
  • Strong computer software design and development skills
  • Knowledge of UNIX and git version control.
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills.