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Become a Doctorate student:
Boguslaw’s Lab has a tradition of good atmosphere and successful Doctorate students. Admission is restricted to students having a degree as Master of Science and a good resume. We have funding to employ new Doctorate students in a number of projects listed below. If you have very good grades, you are welcome to contact us even if you don’t find your dream project. There is always a chance we are in the process for a new project and new funding. Please contact us long in advance.

Do a Master’s thesis:

Visiting research fellow, postdoc, etc.:

Temporary and part time positions:

 Looking for funding?

Often there is an opportunity for smaller development projects of varying types, such as IT-based course material development, implementation and integration of computer vision algorithms, integration of cameras etc.

For further information please contact Dr Boguslaw Obara (boguslaw [dot] obara [AT] durham [dot] ac [dot] uk)