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In the Zone

By John Portwood

Bridge enthusiasts can find online bridge games of interest either with Ebuonline or through one of several other internet sites. Microsoft has for a long time offered bridge online at where players can play against their ‘bots’, have a friendly game or more serious competition. However poor bridge abounds.

The ‘bots’ are pretty incompetent and can virtually just follow suit, play Stayman and on occasion take a finesse. In particular they have a bug in that if two passes follow an overcall then the opening hands always re-open with a double. The following happened.

As South you pick up a nice hand.


And hear the bot on your right bid ‘One Diamond’ (which may be a short suit) as per SAYC. Knowing the bug in the programme you overcall 1 Heart. Two passes follow and true to form the bot on your right doubles. You redouble (of course) and a Diamond is led.

Partner goes down with quite a suitable hand

S 95
H 8653
D –
C KJ98743

The opening diamond lead allows the two spades to be thrown, you ruff a spade, take the heart finesse (which holds), ruff a second spade, take the heart finesse and cash the Ace and Queen of Hearts. The bot on your right discards a CLUB.

You now play the AC and the Queen falls so you end up making all 13 tricks vulnerable for a score of +3120.