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Welcome to our document archive. There are well over 200 documents stored here, including the Poor Bridge of the Week archive. We hope the table of links below helps you find what you are looking for.

DUBC Documents Archive

Poor Bridge of the Week

Archive of all our humourous articles, featuring players who should really know better making terrible, terrible bids and plays.

Tales from DUBC

A series of articles about unusual, interesting or instructive hands we've come across.

Match Reports

Reports of matches played by all Durham University Bridge Club teams since 2000.

Bluney Cup

Reports about this new competion between youth teams in the North-East.


We like to play some kind of sports match in the summer term. Reports here.

Bridge Day

Once the 24-hour bridge marathon, now just a day of fun bridge.

Universities Bridge Festivals

Reports from these fun events.


All other articles.

Poor Bridge of the Week

Vote for the All-time greatest Poor Bridge!

Number Date Title Author
117. 11.03.12 The effects of double confusion Anthony Pettengell
116. 19.04.10 How to not find a heart fit Paul Jones
115. 29.05.09 Blocker Heads Dom Maloney
114. 07.10.08 The Super Turkey Auction Chris Simpson
113. 14.06.08 The Malicious Toilet Demon Phil Smith
112. 06.06.08 Four figure fun James Ewington
111. 03.06.08 A poorbridge half-dozen Tim Prior
110. 10.05.08 Portland Poorness James Ewington
109. 14.03.08 Once, twice, three times a crazy James Ewington
108. 14.03.08 Michael's Matchpoint Manoeuvres James Ewington
107. 18.02.08 700 The Hard Way Chris Simpson
106. 04.02.08 Slam Bidding with the Norwegians Chris Simpson
105. 26.01.08 First-round controls are for wimps Geraint Harker
104. 18.01.08 The Adventures of 500 Guy Chris Simpson
103. 14.01.08 Teams of 8 league match Tom Dessain
102. 08.01.08 A Defensive Cross Ruff Tom Dessain
101. 13.12.07 A Good Start Rob Morris
100. 06.12.07 Dear Sir  
99. 14.11.07 How not to Defend or Make Six Hearts Neil Crawshaw
98. 06.11.07 Pseudopsychic Bidding James Carlisle
97. 24.09.2007 Brighton Muppetry Robin Zigmond
96. 12.09.2007 A Poor Bridge Feast James Ewington
95. 07.09.2007 A Helping Hand Robin Zigmond
94. 22.06.2007 In the Zone John Portwood
93. 19.05.2007 Poor Bridge Shenanigans Dominic Maloney
92. 04.12.2006 Dutch Courage Geraint Harker
91. 30.10.2006 Eve's guide to bidding powerful hands Eve Hatfield
90. 14.09.2006 Staying Low Geraint Harker
89. 20.06.2006 Interesting... Tom Dessain
88. 14.06.2006 Poor Internet Bridge of the Week Robin Zigmond
87. 30.05.2006 Bluneylicious James Ewington
86. 09.05.2006 Treble turkey and stuffing on the side Nick Schurch
85. 03.05.2006 Sweet Irony Geraint Harker
84. 16.03.2006 Taking a Dive Geraint Harker
83. 17.02.2006 Wunderlead James Ewington
82. 10.02.2006 Another Fine Gerber Auction James Ewington and
Tom Gregory-Smith
81. 05.12.2005 Beginners' Luck? Robin Zigmond
80. 24.10.2005 Counting to thirteen(ish) Joe Mela and
Geraint Harker
79. 07.09.2005 Know Your Oppo Chris Simpson
78. 15.06.2005 Why Roll the Potato? Chris Simpson
77. 14.03.2005 A Descriptive Auction Laura Perryman
76. 07.03.2005 Not Impressed Mark Reeve
75. 11.01.2005 Breaking New Year's Resolutions Phil Smith
74. 02.12.2004 Traumatically Poor Chris Simpson
73. 24.11.2004 Watch Those Aces Adam Dickinson
72. 08.11.2004 Super Sacrifice Myles Ellison
71. 16.10.2004 Poetic Justice An Unknown Correspondent
70. 14.09.2004 The Hidden Talent of Fiddlesticks Phil Smith
69. 17.08.2004 If you let me get away with that, I won't even need 13 cards for my next pre-empt Mike Heaney
68. 08.08.2004 What the Bridge Gods giveth, the Bridge Gods taketh away Chris Simpson
67. 18.06.2004 What Your Grandmother Would Have Done Charles Leong
66. 28.05.2004 Pub Bridge Shenanigans Mark Reeve
65. 26.05.2004 An Entertaining Evening Adam Lea
64. 31.03.2004 Competition Time!!! Everybody
63. 11.03.2004 Masters Muppetry Michael Clark
62. 03.03.2004 Special Moments Phil Smith
61. 04.02.2004 An Online Bidding Lesson Mark Reeve
60. 27.01.2004 A New Year's Gift Adam Lea
59. 25.01.2004 Poor Bridge Perfection Robin Zigmond
58. 21.01.2004 Dumb and Dumber Rob Morris
57. 12.12.2003 The Coldest Slam Ever Rob Morris
56. 10.12.2003 All-Round Poorness Charles Leong
55. 05.12.03 How to Go For Sticks and Wheels Sonia Zakrzewski
54. 03.12.03 Beer! Rob Morris
53. 11.11.03 Precisely Poor Michael Clark
52. 09.11.03 No Justice Part II Charles Leong
51. 03.11.03 There's No Justice In This Game Adam Lea
50. 02.11.03 Board 15 Denies Poor Bridge Phil Smith
49. 25.10.03 Good News Always Comes In Threes Bryony Youngs
48. 08.09.03 +400, But Not As You Know It Michael Clark
47. 19.05.03 Defensively Blonde Chris Simpson
46. 09.05.03 Inducing A Mistake Adam Lea and
Phil Smith
45. 03.07.03 Still Breaking All The Rules Adam Dickinson
44. 19.05.03 Adam and Phil?s Helpful Guild to 1NT Auctions Adam Lea and
Phil Smith
43. 09.05.03 Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right Michael Clark
42. 03.05.03 Executing A Biltcliffe Coup Paul Huggins
41. 28.04.03 Record Breaking Silence Adam Lea
40. 08.04.03 They Know Not What They Do Adam Dickinson
39. 04.04.03 Not-So-Precision Club David Nolland
38. 12.03.03 Poor Bridge In Cyberspace Michael Clark
37. 07.03.03 A Love Affair to Hell and Back Adam Lea and
Phil Smith
36. 25.02.03 A Revealing Double Rob Morris
35. 17.02.03 Poor and Poor Again Robin Zigmond
34. 13.02.03 Slam Missing Phil Smith
33. 28.01.03 In Nothing We Trust Adam Dickinson
32. 14.11.02 Why Can People Not Play Cards? Adam Dickinson and
Phil Smith
31. 02.11.02 We Have No Defence To Your Rubbish Contract Phil Smith
30. 09.10.02 Two Timing Poor Bridge Phil Smith
29. 24.07.02 11 Tricks Should Have Been Easy Phil Smith
28. 10.06.02 It's Grim Up North Phil Smith
27. 23.05.02 Thin Air Bidding Michael Clark and
Phil Smith
26. 07.05.02 Scientific Bidding Rob Morris
25. 10.03.02 Opening Lead Theory Neil Weller
24. 09.03.02 Inferior Declarer Play Countered By Inferior Defense Mike Scanlon
23. 17.02.02 Grand Slam Unusualness Phil Smith
22. 17.02.02 The World's Longest, Poorest Auction Adam Dickinson
21. 28.01.02 How to Win a Match in Style Steve Rayner
20. 02.12.01 Simultaneously Poor in Leeds Phil Smith and
Adam Lea
19. 04.11.01 Me and My Goldfish Moment Phil Smith
18. 30.10.01 Child's Play á la Rob Morris Phil Smith
17. 10.10.01 Shifting of the Blame Michael Clark
16. 25.08.01 +140 or +2220? Luke Porter
15. 25.08.01 Michael's Bad Day Michael Clark
14. 24.08.01 Forcing or Not? Michael Clark
13. 11.08.01 Bad Brighton Bridge Bonanza Michael Clark
12. 23.07.01 Leeds UBC in Poor Bridge Shocker Phil Smith and
Adam Lea
11. 09.06.01 Lessons in Declarer Play: Timing Mike Scanlon
10. 06.05.01 The Cold Slam That Wasn't Phil Smith
9. 24.04.01 How to make a small slam with eleven tricks Michael Clark
8. 15.04.01 Cashing Out and Cashing In Mike Scanlon
7. 04.03.01 The Unbalanced 1NT Tom Oag
6. 24.02.01 "Jam" Phil Smith
5. 10.02.01 North of the Border Phil Smith
4. 04.02.01 Showdown at High Noon Phil Smith
3. 23.01.01 Mike and Tom lock horns in battle Phil Smith
2. 09.01.01 Mike's Guardian Angel wins the battle (but loses the war) Mike Scanlon
1. 26.11.00 How well does 7 Diamonds Redoubled score? Phil Smith

Tales From DUBC

NumberDateTitleAuthor 'x'-Factor Adam Dickinson A fixed hand for the club Adam Dickinson Squeezes Made Simple Michael Clark 26 Total Trumps Michael Clark Bid Better with Keri Mike Scanlon Double Slam Swing Phil Smith

Match Reports

A Team
26.02.10 A v Edinburgh A 1st Round Paul Jones
03.06.08 A v Oxford A Portland Bowl Final Robin Zigmond
05.05.08 A v Edinburgh A Portland Bowl Semi Final Dom Maloney
05.05.08 A v Edinburgh B Portland Bowl Quarter Final James Ewington
07.05.06 A v Cambridge B Portland Bowl Final Geraint Harker
06.05.06 A v Trinity Portland Bowl Semi-Final Geraint Harker
22.04.06 A v Balliol A Portland Bowl Quarter Final Tom Dessain
28.01.06 A v York Portland Bowl 2nd Round Tom Dessain
12.03.05 A v Oxford B Portland Bowl Quarter Final Geraint Harker
29.11.04 A v York Portland Bowl 1st Round Geraint Harker
13.12.03 A v Edinburgh Portland Bowl 2nd Round Phil Smith
13.12.03 A v York Portland Bowl 1st Round Phil Smith
27.04.03 A v Warwick Portland Bowl Final Phil Smith
26.04.03 A v Cambridge B Portland Bowl Semi-Final Phil Smith
05.03.03 A v Cambridge A Portland Bowl 3rd Round Phil Smith
21.04.01 A v Warwick A Portland Bowl Semi Final Phil Smith
22.04.01 A v Cambridge B Portland Bowl 3rd/4th Playoff Mike Scanlon
10.02.01 A v Edinburgh Portland Bowl 2nd Round Neil Weller
B Team
22.02.06 B v Leeds A Portland Bowl 2nd Round James Ewington
11.12.05 B v Edinburgh Portland Bowl 1st Round Dom Maloney
09.03.05 B v Leeds A Portland Bowl Quarter Final James Ewington
12.02.05 B v Leeds B Portland Bowl 2nd Round James Carlisle
20.03.04 B v Oxford B Portland Bowl Quarter Final James Ewington
24.01.04 B v Leeds B Portland Bowl 1st Round Rob Morris
17.02.03 B v Warwick A Portland Bowl 2nd Round Rob Morris
26.01.02 B v York Portland Bowl 2nd Round Rob Morris
04.02.01 B v Leeds B Portland Bowl 2nd Round David Nolland
02.12.00 B v York Portland Bowl 1st Round Rob Morris
A vs B
27.06.2004 A v B Match 2004 Chris Simpson
11.03.01 A v B Portland Bowl Quarter Final Luke Porter
??.??.01 A v B Practice Matches in 2001 Luke Porter
Uni Team
Oct 2006 U25s Northern League Various
Oct 2006 Gold Cup and Silver Plate 2006/7 Various
Feb 2006 Gold Cup and Silver Plate 2005/6 Various
Jan 2005 National Inter-Club Knockout 2004/5 Chris Simpson
06.02.02 Uni v Darlington C Local League Match Michael Clark
06.01.02 Uni v Hurworth D Local League Match Robin Zigmond
18.11.01 Uni v Stockton B Local League Match Michael Clark
16.09.01 Uni v Bishop Auckland Local League Match Phil Smith
14.06.02 Uni v Durham City Teams of Eight 2002 Phil Smith
06.06.01 Uni v Durham City Teams of Eight 2001 Neil Weller
Jan 2007 North-East Teams-of-4 2006-7 Various
Jan 2007 North-East Teams-of-4 2005-6 Various
Jan 2005 North-East Teams-of-4 2004-5 Chris Simpson & Geraint Harker
Jan 2004 North-East Teams-of-4 2003-4 Rob Morris
Jan 2004 North-East Teams-of-4 2002-3 Phil Smith
Jan 2007 Kempson Cup & Plate 2006-2007 Various
Jan 2005 Kempson Cup & Plate 2005 Chris Simpson
Jan 2004 Kempson Cup & Plate 2004 Phil Smith
Jun 2003 Kempson Plate Final 2003 Phil Smith
Jun 2002 Kempson Plate Final 2002 Phil Smith


(Northern Juniors League)


2005-2006 (Won by Durham)



2002-2003 (Won by Durham)

2001-2002 (Won by Durham)


In 2001 the first Bridge Club vs Chess Club football match was played. This consisted of a long long game on a sunny afternoon after the exams, with the teams changing as people came and went. As it started to get dark, it was announced that "next goal wins", and the Bridge Club promptly won.

However, in 2002 there was reduced interest, with only a couple of chess players being up for it, so we decided to look for a different sport.

A couple of us play Ultimate frisbee, so nowadays we tend to field a Bridge Club Team whenever Durham Ultimate throw a beginners' tournament. DUF Website

Jun '04 The Hardly Athletic Platypus (Rob, Peter Stewart, Myles, James, Eve) - won the Spoon Prize (top of the bottom group)
Report by James Ewington
Oct '03 Team Supercut (Adam, Rob, Bryony, Myles, Vicky and Peter) - 3rd place
Sep '03 Friendly game vs. Cambridge Uni Bridge Club in Brighton - Photo
Jun '03 Team Platypus (Rob, Adam, Luke, Bryony, Myles) - placed 2nd from last. 2 prizes:
  • Spoon Prize for 2nd team from last
  • Spirit prize - a bottle of vodka for "Team Spirit"
    Team Photo (silly)
Jun '02 Rob & Neil played in a team so bad we won a can of sprouts!

Bridge Day

It's our tradition to meet up after the exams for a day of intoxicating beverages and silly bridge.
Bridge Day 2001 Report
Bridge Day 2002 Invitation
Bridge Day 2004 Invitation
Bridge Day 2004 Report
Bridge Day 2006 Report

Bridge Festivals

Here are links to our old pages about the old bridge festivals.

Year Location Article
2001 London Invitation
Report by Phil Smith
2002 Durham Our blurb
Report by Michael Clark
2003 Cambridge Report by Adam Dickinson
2004 Leeds Invitation
2006 Warwick Invitation
Report on EBU site
2007 Durham Invitation


Date Title Author
06.06.08 Yorkshire Congress Robin Zigmond
03.04.2008 England Under 25 Championships Tom Dessain
08.11.2005 3rd World University Bridge Championships, China Geraint Harker
29.10.2005 Mini Bridge Day 2005 Geraint Harker
13.06.2004 dur.soc.bridge info Rob Morris
09.06.2004 dur.soc.bridge charter Rob Morris
13.04.2004 National U25s Championships Rob Morris
01.02.2004 When Should I Double? Frances Hinden
17.12.2003 Bacon Torpedo System Notes Rob Morris & Phil Smith
29.08.2003 The Director's Revenge! (Silly Rules) Mike Scanlon
Aug '03 Brighton Summer Meeting Report Phil Smith
Summer '03 Funny "Youth Bridge" picture Phil Smith
Summer '03 Poker Social Report Phil Smith
Aug '03 Richard Pavlicek's Quizzes Michael Clark
May '03 Free Bridge Scorer Program Michael Clark
May '04 Bridge Club AGM 2004 Rob Morris
Mar '03 Bridge Club AGM 2003 Phil Smith
Mar '01 Bridge Club AGM 2001 Michael Clark
Summer '02 First Bridge Club Marriage! Phil Smith
2001-02 Local Teams of 8 League '01-02 Phil Smith
04.11.01 Newcastle Swiss Teams Adam Dickinson
28.10.01 The Gazette Cup Final Michael Clark
17.06.01 NEBA Swiss Teams Mike Scanlon
27.05.01 NEBA Swiss Pairs Michael Clark
15.04.01 National U25s Championships -