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Have a great Christmas Josephine Butler College!



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Instead of buying small bags of crisps or cans of fizzy drinks for Christmas meals, buy them in larger containers so as to cut down on the waste through packaging.



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Merry Christmas!


Have a very merry Christmas!!

Posted by Matt Armitage 18 days ago 

Charity Formal


Sign up for the Charity Formal is this Friday at 7pm on the JCR website. We will be fundraising for Grace House. The theme of the formal is Noah's Ark, so come dressed as animals 2 by 2. Sign up in pairs, and then you can spend the holidays planning what animal you and your partner can dress up as.

Once you've signed up on Friday, you will have until 7pm on Sunday to anonymously swap pairs around the tables for a 50p donation per swap, giving you the chance to create the perfect table combination, or otherwise...

Posted by Sam Stradling 20 days ago 

Freshers Arrival Day


Congratulations to all, and to all, a congratulation!

Well done on your getting your offers guys and gals, you've worked exceptionally hard I'm sure, so do enjoy your sweet success for what remains of summer!

We (Sally and Rupert) are your Head Freshers’ Representatives, meaning that we’ve spent the summer planning Freshers’ Week and all sorts of amazing events and fresher fun to ensure that you feel completely welcomed and settled into Butler and get the best possible start to student life.

At the moment you’re probably still reeling from your results, but also feeling a bit nervous and hopefully excited too. Just remember that it is everyone else’s first time at uni too, and that we’re here to help you with anything and everything. We can’t wait for you all to arrive!

In the meantime please click the signup button in the 2nd menu bar at the top of the page. Sign in and sign up to reserve your Freshers’ Week t-shirt for £10.

If you haven’t already, please join the Facebook group (Josephine Butler College Freshers 2014), follow @ButlerJCR on Twitter and check this blog for updates. We will be posting something everyday till you arrive.

If you have any questions the Facebook group is a great place to ask them, and any one of our lovely Freps, Proctors and Exec members will help you out! Or if you prefer don’t hesitate to email us at or

See you soon.

Rupert and Sally

Posted by Rupert Maspero 4 months ago 

A message from your summer ball chairs


We are delighted to announce that Josephine Butler's Summer Ball this year will be 'Vintage Hollywood' themed. This year the event will be held for the first time at exciting new venue Newcastle Racecourse, and will have a decadent, glamorous feel. We have a huge array of entertainment from the sweet sounds of a Rat Pack singer during the meal to up and coming indie band Kassoma to get you dancing afterwards. We also have three fantastic theme park rides, including one for all the thrill seekers out there which has never graced a college ball until now. Add to this a casino, shadow cutter, fire pits, DJs, karaoke and lots of free food, and you'll have no problem finding ways to keep yourself amused until the famous survivors' breakfast at 5am. A full list of ents will be emailed out shortly so you can see exactly what we've got in store for you.

To make sure you do not miss out get yourselves down to the main floor of the DSU at 9am on 10th May, armed with your sign-up sheet and payment (either cash or cheque – payable to Josephine Butler College JCR). One person can sign up 4 people so a full table of 10 requires 3 people to queue up. The menu is as follows:


Ham Hock and Herb Ballotine served with an Apple and Spiced Pear Relish
and Frisée & Rocket Salad
served with a Bloomer Platter per table with Butter


Roast Pork Loin with Belly Pork, Dauphinoise Potatoes,
Roasted Apple Purée and Gateau of Vegetables


Crunchy Chocolate Torte
with Winter Berry Cream


Tea or Coffee
Half a bottle of wine

Vegetarian/Dietary requirement options will be available and will be emailed out as soon as possible.
Please do not forget to write if you are vegetarian or have any dietary requirements!

Guests/Alumni £66

We still proudly offer the cheapest Summer Ball tickets of any college! Numbers are limited so make sure you're on time to sign up!

Dress Code
Black Tie

See you there!

Susie Hudson & Danny Agar


Posted by Danny Agar 8 months ago 

Societies Showcase on Tuesday


Don't miss out on this amazing event taking place in the bar on Tuesday!

This Tuesday the following wonderful societies will be performing for your entertainment!

Dance Troupe
Butler Barbershop
Jazz Band
and performing for Butler for the first time...Chamber Choir!

As well as this, there will also be numerous society events taking place during the evening, including:

FIFA on the big screen in the bar
A beginner's pool masterclass from Mr Sajan Bhakoo
An opportunity to get your nails tarted up by Lydia Clough
Puddings on sale from Pudding Soc
AND Society themed cocktails will be sold at the bar all night!

What more could anyone want from a Tuesday night!

Posted by Susie Hudson 10 months ago 

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