Welcome to Josephine Butler College MCR

As MCR members, this is probably not your first experience of university life, but you may not have been part of a college before.

But what does that really mean? Well firstly, and most importantly, it means organising socials both during term time when the JCR are swarming the bar, and in the holidays when Durham becomes much quieter.It also means providing other services such as welfare and careers help.

What we do outside of Under-Grad Term Time

Being in Durham out of term-time gives us the opportunity to get involved in the events that happen out of term and that are more weather-dependent.

Some of the events we have planned for this period include the Christmas celebrations in Durham Cathedral, the festivals over summer and a big summer BBQ.

Socials are usually organised by the Social Secretaries (see the officers page), but we are always happy for other people to help or suggest ideas.

Why choose Josephine Butler?

Butler has one of the largest postgraduate student bodies in the university and this gives us a big advantage over other colleges. Our events are always popular and our students are all very friendly and helpful.

The university as a whole is aware of the very different approaches that each college takes to its MCR. We hope to make Josephine Butler take a lead in getting the colleges active in inter-MCR events by hosting an intercollegiate formal and inviting other MCRs to join.