Welcome to Josephine Butler College MCR

At Josephine Butler, our MCR (Middle Common Room) is a fun and supportive community of postgraduates and fourth-year undergraduate finalists. Alongside the Junior and Senior common rooms, Butler MCR provides students with a wide variety of social and academic events, welfare support and facilities. So whether you live in or out of college, you really won’t want to miss out on getting involved!

What kind of things do we get up to?

MCR activities are organised by its peer-elected student committee, which consists of several positions including a social secretary, an international students’ representative and a welfare officer. Elections for these roles take place in the first few weeks of the academic year. This elected committee then reports back to members throughout the year in general meetings, in which the MCR as a whole has the opportunity to discuss ideas, issues and events, as well as vote on any significant changes. The MCR is run for you and by you!

Butler MCR members automatically become members of Butler JCR too, meaning you can join in with any of our college sports, societies and committees as well as attending college-wide events like formal dinners and balls.

Each term the MCR enjoys many regular events, ranging from Scholars’ Suppers (an academic talk given by a fellow student and complimentary meal, followed by cheese and wine) to relaxed movie nights, as well as bigger events like the Halloween Party and day-trip to York Races that we organised last year.

For those in Durham outside of term-time the MCR social secretaries ensure that there’s plenty to keep you busy when the city gets a bit quieter.

Why choose Josephine Butler?

At Butler, the purpose-built accommodation and facilities are second to none - the MCR has its own private lounge in college, with sofas, a TV, DVDs, a HI-FI system, books and games consoles making it the ideal place to meet and relax.

Situated on top of the hill, about 10 minutes from the Bill Bryson and 20 from town, Butler is located in a beautiful setting next to the Botanic Gardens, helping towards your daily step-count and encouraging a good work-life balance. If it’s raining or snowing, the bus just outside college costs £1 for the whole day. Equally, Butler is home to JBs - our own bar and eatery with great prices and an even better menu.

Above all, as a young, vibrant and diverse college within a long-established university, Butler offers the ideal balance of tradition and modernity: each and every student has the opportunity to get involved and shape college life in a myriad of ways.