Talking books and podcasts

This page is for talking books and podcasts of Charlotte Yonge's,
which are now starting to become available.

Many are read by computers from public domain (Gutenberg etc) scans.

The Little Duke by Charlotte M. Yonge - LibriVox.
Work in progress (2 chapters so far). Real readers, nice voices!

The Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte M. Yonge - Babblebooks Audiobook
Complete book, but read by computer.

History of France (1878) -
Complete book, read reasonably well by computer.

Yonge, Charlotte M: The heir of Redclyffe. TB No: 2038 - listed but not yet located
Yonge, Charlotte M: The clever woman of the family. TB No: 6067 - listed but not yet located


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