3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing technology, since its inception in its current form the 1980s, has provided an alternative method to produce 3-dimensional physical objects from digital models built up as a series of layers. Additive manufacturing (often termed "3D printing") is a method of creating objects in sucessive layers, one on top of the other, to form a three dimentional object. As time has advanced, additive manufacturing has found increased use in rapid-prototyping, creating highly customised products with ease, with a rapidly increasing variety of materials, from nano- to metre scale.

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Contact Angle

Contact angle of Water on 3D Printed Materials

The contact angle of water on a surface gives some indication of the wettability of the surface. The higher the contact angle (and visually, the more spherical the shape of a water droplet on top of thesurface appears), the more oil-wet, or hydrophobic, the surface. Conversely, the lower the contact angle (and again visually, the flatter the droplet of water appears on the surface), the more water-wet, or hydrophillic, the surface.

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