Workshop Selection Procedure

Three workshops will be held in 2015. Each Working Group is allocated one workshop for 2015. Unallocated workshop funds will be reallocated by the Chair in consultation with the Working Group Co-Leaders.

Procedure for Selecting Workshops

  • Call for Workshop proposals issued on 26th September, 2014 for workshops to be held in 2015
  • The submission deadline is 2 May 2014
  • Each workshop proposal must specify the Working Group to which it will be affiliated
  • Workshop proposals must be sent to the appropriate Working Group Co-leaders by the submission deadline. The Working Group Co-leaders are:
  • Workshop proposers are strongly advised to consult with the Working Group Co-Leaders about their proposals well in advance of the deadline
  • Wherever possible, proposers should strive to host their proposed workshops in Eastern and Southern European countries
  • The Working Group Co-leaders will consult with the Working Group affiliates (see website for names and email addresses) about which 2 workshops to fund
  • The Working Group Co-leaders will submit the selected workshops to the Action Chair within two weeks of the submission deadline
  • The Action Chair will include these workshops in the 2015 Working Budget Plan to be agreed by the Management Committee
  • Once the Management Committee agrees to the Working Budget Plan for 2015, workshop organisers are free to begin organising their workshop in consultation with the Action Chair