The History

St. Brandon, Brancepeth is about 5 miles south-west of Durham. It has been DUSCR's home tower for several decades.

The church burnt down in 1998, resulting in a multi-million pound project to restore the church and the bells. DUSCR's long awaited return home finally came on the 22nd January 2005.

St. Brandon's was reconsecrated after 7 long years at a service on the 23rd October 2005, and is now fully restored and functional. The first peal on the new bells (three of which had to be recast following the fire) was rung following the service.

Further information about the fire and appeal can be found in the Ringing World article, written by Danial Sandham.

Getting there

The normal method of getting to Brancepeth is by car or taxi. If you're a member, this will be organised for you by the vice-master. If you are a not a member and would like to attend a practice, please contact the vice-master to organise transport. Please see below for more information.

Transport lists

If you are on the keen list, it is assumed you will be coming to the practice, and would like transport. Please email if you cannot make it.

If you are on the slack, or neither, list, it is assumed you will not be at the practice. Please email Elizabeth if you would like to come to practice.

Get in touch with Elizabeth if you have any queries, or would like to change groups.


Keen/ Slack Lists


Elizabeth Hopper
Joseph Walker
Michael Anderson
Natasha Kozlowski
Rachael Sanderson
Stephen Lloyd



Amy Cotter
David Meijer
Gavin Neill
Gemma McGuirk
Gracie Sharp
Henrie Hall
Jacob Harris
Laura Martin
Matthew Frye
Matthew Jones
Oliver Rice
Sophia Drake