The Executive Committee 2016–2017

Rachael Sanderson
Elizabeth Hopper
Michael Anderson


Rachael Sanderson - "It's quite easy to get the hang of it once you've got the hang of it"


Elizabeth Hopper - "There's corpses everywhere!"


Michael Anderson - "Do you do anything right Rachael?"

Joseph Walker
Elizabeth Hopper


Joseph Walker - As webmaster, I'm exempt from embaressing quotes.

Social Secretary

Elizabeth Hopper - "There's corpses everywhere!"

Other Officers

Position Officer
Chairperson Oliver Rice
Life Members' Secretary Kate Nye and Katherine Stonham
Webmaster Joseph Walker
Steeple Keeper Michael Anderson
Assistant Steeplekeeper William Wood
D&N Representative Rachel Wells
Ringing World Correspondent James and Catrin Morgan
Quarter Peal Secretary Elizabeth Hopper
Society Peal Recorder Fred Bone
Central Council Representative Jeff Ladd