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University Societies

Aberystwyth (AUSCR)
Birmingham University (BUSCR)
Bristol University (UBSCR)
Cambridge University Guild (CUGCR)
Cardiff University
Exeter University
Edinburgh University (UEGCR)
Leeds University (LUSCR)
Leicester University (ULSCR)
Liverpool University
London Universities (ULSCR)
Manchester University Guild (MUGCR)
Newcastle University (NUSCR)
Nottingham University (NUSCR)
Oxford University Society (OUSCR)
Sheffield (SUGCR)
Southampton (SUGCR)
Warwick University
York Colleges Guild


Central Council (CCCBR)
Church of England
Dove's Guide
Durham and Newcastle Association
Ringing World
Roger Bailey's Ringing Resources
University Ringing
Visual Method Archive


University of Durham
Durham Students' Union
Durham Cathedral Bellringers